RollWorks Pixel: Frequently Asked Questions

The key functionality of our updated RollWorks Pixel includes:

  • Page Load Times: The updated RollWorks Pixel is built to load faster. It loads nearly 3 times faster than the existing version of the pixel, delivering an even better experience to the users browsing your website. 
  • Single Page Applications: The updated RollWorks Pixel works seamlessly with single-page applications and form fills, making it easier than ever to track the valuable users you want to track. 
  • Dynamic Tracking: The updated RollWorks Pixel will help track page properties without the need for manually passing any global variables. This will result in even more seamless event and conversion tracking.

Is it mandatory to replace the old pixel with RollWorks Pixel on my website?

No, it is not mandatory as we consider supporting both versions. However, we strongly recommend implementing RollWorks V2 Pixel whenever you have the opportunity.

Do you have setup instructions for RollWorks Pixel?

Yes, As an existing RollWorks customer you are more than welcome to follow the setup instructions of RollWorks V2 Pixel 

Will the old pixel need to be removed from my site?  

The best practice is to remove the old version of the pixel if you want to start using using RollWorks V2 Pixel.  

When is RollWorks Pixel available to use?

All RollWorks customers will have access to RollWorks V2 Pixel by May 30th, 2020 via the "View Pixel" option in the RollWorks dash.

As an existing RollWorks customer, do I need to make any changes to my existing campaigns? 

No! Once you have switched over to the RollWorks Pixel, you do not need to make any further changes to your existing campaigns and/or dashboard setup 

As an existing RollWorks customer, Where can I grab the pixel code?

  • Click on the left-hand navigation button 
  • Click on Audiences 
  • Scroll down to see the ‘View Pixel’ option
  • Copy the code 

What can I expect once the new pixel is added to my site?

At a glance, here’s what this update means for you.   

  • Improved load speed:   Our updated Pixel loads approximately 3 times faster than the previous version of the pixel.  This results in a better site experience for your users.  
  • Dynamic Tracking & Single page app support:  The tracking has moved to dynamic tracking calls using the track() function in the v2 pixel. This is well suited for single-page apps.

What if I notice issues with my site after the pixel install? 

You shouldn’t notice any issues after you integrate with RollWorks V2 Pixel, but if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team. 

Is there any impact to my consent management solutions?

There should be no impact if you use RollWorks Cookie Consent Tool or Custom Consent Tool.   

As an RollWorks customer, I currently use RollWorks’s Image pixel. Can I replace it with RollWorks V2 Pixel?

Yes, You are welcome to use the RollWorks V2 Pixel. 

Do I need to change my Google Tag Manager (GTM) pixel setup? 

No! We still haven’t updated our pixel code in Google Tag Manager (GTM) yet. We recommend not changing your pixel setup on GTM. 

How do I test my RollWorks V2 Pixel Integration? 

You can use PixelPal to test your pixel setup. Follow these instructions on how to install the chrome extension to verify the setup.  

How can I use the User Event Segment?

The User Event Segment will let you filter the audiences that are interacted with specific events on your website. The User Event Segment will only be available to the customers using the RollWorks V2 Pixel.  


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