Connect Your Facebook Business Page

To show your ads on Facebook, first link your Facebook business page to your RollWorks account. In order to do this, you need to be the admin of your Facebook business manager, as well as the page admin.

There are two ways for you to connect your Facebook page to RollWorks: when you're building out your first Facebook campaign or through Settings menu.

Once your Facebook business page is connected to your RollWorks account, a Facebook pixel from RollWorks' side will be placed on your website.

Note: We need Advertiser access to post Facebook ads on your behalf. To learn more about exactly what is available for each admin permission check out Facebook's Help Center article.

Connect Through Settings

  1. Navigate to SettingsFacebook
  2. Follow the prompt to connect to Facebook. 

Connect in Campaign Creation

  1. Log in to RollWorks and start creating a Facebook campaign. Refer to our post that walks you through creating new campaigns for help.
  2. Follow the prompt to Connect to Facebook
  3. If you have multiple pages connected to your Facebook account, select which page you want to give RollWorks advertiser access to. 
  4. Click Select to finish connecting your page to Facebook.

Connect Your Instagram Account 

Connecting your account allows you to monitor and manage comments on your Instagram ads. Additionally, your ad links to your Instagram page, so visitors can easily follow your account.

Note: You can also serve your campaign on Instagram without connecting to Instagram. This gives our advertisers without an account, or without access to their Instagram account the ability to run Instagram ads. 

To connect your account:

  1. Create a Business Manager account with Facebook and create an Instagram account. Learn more about creating a Business Manager account for Instagram
  2. After connecting your Facebook page, select Connect Instagram Account under your Facebook connection.
  3. Enter your Instagram account ID and click Confirm

Advertiser Access

We need access to your Facebook Page to create your News Feed ads and pull the data we need to report on campaign performance. For more information on managing page roles (and the differences in access levels), check out Facebook's support article.

For Agencies

Follow these steps to connect a Facebook Business Page where you aren't the page admin.

  1. On the RollWorks Connect to Facebook step, select Send an advertiser access request to a page you don't have Admin access to.
  2. Send the link we provide to the Facebook admin for the account.
  3. Instruct them go to the Page Roles section of their Facebook Business manager and accept the partner request.
  4. Back in RollWorks, click Connection Accepted.


Make sure the submitted URL links to your Facebook business page. Event or personal pages won't work.

If you verify that the page you are trying to add is an eligible business page, but are still seeing an error, check for Country and Age restrictions on your Facebook business page. 

Remove Restrictions

  1. Log in to your Facebook Business Page.
  2. Navigate to SettingsGeneral.
  3. Set Country and Age restrictions to “Page is visible to everyone” 

Disconnect Your Facebook Page

To remove your Facebook page from your RollWorks Account, navigate to Settings > Facebook and click Remove.

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