Account Intent FAQ

How many topics can we subscribe to?

The number of topics you can subscribe to is based on your subscription package:

  • Starter: not available in this package
  • Standard: 10 topics 
  • Professional: 15 topics 
  • Ultimate: 25 topics

For more information on RollWorks packages and pricing, please visit our website. If you are a current customer and wish to upgrade your account, please contact your Account Manager or

What are some best practices for topic selection? 

We recommend selecting topics that describe your business category, industry, company, products, or services. Many customers have had success selecting their own company and competitors as topics (note: roughly 20% of the topics are companies).   

How is this offering different from the "Intent Topic" attribute in Ad Audiences?  

The "Intent Topic" attribute in Ad Audiences measures user (cookie) level intent over a 30 day period. This signal can be used to target advertising towards the users (cookies) who have shown intent for the topic(s) selected.

The “Account Intent” feature in Target Accounts measures intent at the company (account) level over a three week period relative to a baseline to determine if a company is showing increased interest in a topic. This signal can be used to uncover accounts early in the buying cycle, prioritize accounts, optimize budget allocation, and align marketing and sales.

What are intent topics? How are they different from keywords?

Topics represent business concepts versus just specific text - topics have the ability to understand human concepts. For example, if you search for articles about Facebook, the AI will recognize that this content is relevant to social media, even without containing that phrase, so it’ll also index high for “social media”.

What topics are available in the taxonomy?

Please click here for a list of the topics in the Bombora taxonomy.

What does "Last Intent Activity" mean in the results page? How often is the intent data updated?

"Last Intent Activity" represents the most recent date in which the account consumed content related to the corresponding intent topic(s). The data is refreshed weekly on Monday nights.

Can I see accounts, demonstrating intent, that are not on my Target Account List (TAL)?

Yes! In addition to surfacing high intent accounts on your TAL, you will be able to search for any account that is demonstrating intent for the topics you selected. You can do this by selecting the "Discover New Accounts" card from the Account Intent tab. 

Note: in order to engage an account demonstrating intent, you must add the account to a TAL.

How is Account Intent measured?

RollWorks has partnered with Bombora, the leading intent data provider, in order to deliver the Account Intent feature and Bombora’s patented Company Surge® to RollWorks customers. A topic is considered "surging” when there’s an increased consumption of a topic compared to the historical baseline. 

How it works:

  • Bombora looks at a 12-week baseline to understand the average consumption of a topic, then looks at a 3-week lookback window to see if there’s an increased activity against this baseline.
  • A topic is given a score of 0-100 and if the topic gets a score of 60 or above then it’s considered demonstrating active intent. RollWorks will label these scores as “Medium”, “High”, and “Very High” in the platform.

Can I push this data back into Salesforce?

You can export the data as a CSV document but cannot push data back into Salesforce at this time. 

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