Account Intent Overview

What is Account Intent?

Account Intent helps prioritize accounts for marketing or sales outreach by using machine learning to uncover signals of an account’s interest based on its content consumption behavior on the B2B web.

By using account intent data to prioritize marketing and sales outreach, customers should see better resource allocation and account-based program ROI.

Who is Eligible to Access Account Intent?

RollWorks customers on a Standard, Professional, and Ultimate package have access to Account Intent data as part of their package. Customers on the Starter package can utilize user level intent in their Account Targeting Playbook. For more information on RollWorks packages and pricing, please visit our website. If you are a current customer and wish to upgrade your account, please contact your Account Manager or


  • Intent topic selection. Choose from over 6,500 B2B related topics
  • Account view. See accounts, on target account list, demonstrating intent
  • Account sorting. Sort target account list based on intent levels, intent topics, and last intent date
  • List export. Create a list of accounts demonstrating intent and export as a CSV
  • Audience creation. Create advertising audiences based on intent levels, intent topics, and last intent date
  • Intent Playbook. Engage and nurture accounts demonstrating intent with digital ads via easy campaign set-up and activation
  • Account Discovery. Search for non-TAL accounts demonstrating high intent. Create new TAL or add to existing TAL


  • Uncover accounts in early buying cycles. Discover account interest before a prospect interacts with your brand, website or company
  • Prioritize accounts using advanced machine learning. Let data-backed methods find accounts showing "intent" signals
  • Easily create intent-signal based engagement. Segment your target account list for targeted ad campaigns and sales outreach
  • Optimize budget allocation. Increase ABM program ROI with smarter targeting and more effective engagement
  • Align marketing and sales. Work off a common prioritized account list for maximum impact


RollWorks customers on a Standard, Professional, and Ultimate package will have access to Account Intent as part of their subscription. The number of intent topics and % of accounts surfaced will depend on the package.


Please reach out to or your Account Manager if you have any questions!

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