Account Intent


What is Account Intent?

Account Intent helps prioritize accounts for marketing or sales outreach by using machine learning to uncover signals of an account’s interest based on its content consumption behavior on the B2B web.

RollWorks Account Intent beta customers can subscribe to intent topics, view which accounts on their Target Account Lists are demonstrating intent, and engage the accounts demonstrating intent in a Playbook. By using account intent data to prioritize marketing and sales outreach, customers should see better resource allocation and account-based program ROI.

Who is Eligible to Access Account Intent?

RollWorks customers on a Standard, Professional, or Ultimate package are eligible to join the Account Intent beta. For more information on RollWorks packages and pricing, please visit our website. If you are a current customer and wish to upgrade your account, please contact your Account Manager or


  • Intent topic selection
  • Ability to view accounts from Target Account Lists that are demonstrating intent
  • Sorting of accounts in Target Account List based on intent levels
  • Exporting a list of accounts demonstrating intent
  • Creation of an advertising audience based on intent levels
  • Engagement of accounts demonstrating intent with digital ads (coming soon)


  • Provides an AI & data-backed method to prioritize accounts
  • Uncovers account interest before they interact with brand or company
  • Easily creates account “intent” audiences to activate engagement
  • Drives better marketing and sales alignment
  • Ultimately better budget allocation and ABM program ROI

Getting Started with Account Intent

Setup & Configuration

  1. Navigate to Identify > Target Accounts > Account Intent.
  2. Select your intent topics.
  3. We will email you in 1 - 2 hours when the data is available.
  4. See which accounts on your Target Account Lists are demonstrating intent.


How to Use Account Intent

While we work on automating the ability to target accounts demonstrating intent, you can still create an engagement strategy.

  1. Open your Target Account List.
  2. Filter the “Exhibited Intent Topics” column.
  3. Use the “Select All” function to select all of the accounts demonstrating intent.


  1. Add the selected accounts to a new Account Group.


  1. Setup a Playbook targeting the new Account Group of accounts demonstrating intent.

Please reach out to or your Account Manager if you have any questions!

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