ICP Insights Overview

What is an ICP?

ICP stands for Ideal Customer Profile — the persona of an enterprise, comprised of firmographic and technographic attributes, that's an ideal fit for your product or service. Identifying your ICP is a critical first step in account-based marketing because it ensures that your marketing and sales teams are targeting the same types of accounts that are most likely to close. TOPO reports that organizations with a strong ICP report 68% higher win rates. 

Here's an example of an ICP:


What is ICP Insights and How Does it Work?

ICP Insights leverages our database of 18 million accounts and 150+ industries to surface the firmographic and technographic composition of your existing customers and those in your pipeline. These insights can be used to help you identify an ICP that aligns marketing and sales efforts. 

How to Use ICP Insights

You can find ICP Insights under the Identification section of the RollWorks dashboard:


From there, you can set up exactly which audiences you want to learn more about. 

If you have synced to your CRM or MAP and have set up funnel stage lists for ad targeting that you want further information on, you can select Edit under the Funnel Stages section to determine which lists should be associated with each stage:


Once you have determined the Funnel Stage you want insights on, simply toggle the desired attribute and date range via the selectors on the top:



Putting ICP Insights into Action

Using these insights, you can:

  • Share the information with your sales team to ensure you're targeting the same types of companies.
  • Run cross-channel marketing programs to engage companies that match your ICP.
  • Gauge campaign effectiveness and evaluate if your current marketing and sales programs are attracting accounts that match your ICP.

By running analysis on closed-won accounts over time, RollWorks can provide a single source of truth around your ICP. You'll be able to discern if your ICP changes over time or if there are any gaps. Here's what you may ask (and ICP Insights can answer):

  • Who is making it through each stage of your sales funnel and are there any inconsistencies with your ICP?
  • Should you continue to invest resources against this ICP? Does it make sense to change your ICP attributes?
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