LinkedIn Ads: Specifications and How to Upload

LinkedIn Ad Specifications

Below are the advertising specifications required for single image ads:

  • Name this ad (optional): Use up to 255 characters to name your ad.
  • Introductory text: Use up to 150 characters to avoid truncation (desktop max of 600 characters). URLs in this field that are longer than 23 characters will be converted to a short link. Important: Insert any legally required language in the introductory text.
  • Destination URL: URLs must have the "http://" "or https://" prefix. You may use up to 2,000 characters for the destination link.

Tip: Some special characters (for example: <> # % { } [ ] and others) cause errors when they're included in the query string at the end of the URL. Even if unsafe characters are accepted, they may not be supported in all browsers. If your URL generates an error, copy everything after the question mark into the URL and paste it into a URL encoder like this one: Then, copy your results and replace the original query string in the URL. This should resolve the issue.

  • Ad image: Upload a JPG or PNG file 5MB or smaller.
    • 1.9:1 ratio, 600x315 or higher resolution
  • Headline: Use up to 70 characters to avoid truncation (200 max characters).
  • Description: Use approximately 100 characters to avoid truncation (300 max characters). This character limit may vary for ads that appear on third-party sites served through the LinkedIn Audience Network.
  • Call-to-action (optional): Choose from available CTAs.

Note that you cannot use the word "LinkedIn" or imply any affiliation with the LinkedIn platform in your ad copy.

The latest versions of LinkedIn’s mobile and desktop rarely show link description text. This text will only show in the following circumstances:

  • Link shares with images less than 200 pixels wide
  • Ads on certain versions of the LinkedIn mobile website
  • User views an ad that has been delivered beyond the LinkedIn feed

Additionally, LinkedIn sets frequency caps that mean each user only sees a particular ad once in 48 hours, and a maximum of four times overall.

By creating four different Sponsored Content ads with variations on your core message and different headlines, you can make sure that you keep engaging your audience over a longer period. This will help to keep your brand front of mind, and provide subtly different reasons to engage. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and come up with a completely different creative execution for each version. Try adjusting headlines, or putting the emphasis on different benefits that you can deliver. You can vary images too.

How to Upload LinkedIn Ads

  1. Sign in to RollWorks
  2. Navigate to the Ads tab in the Engage section.
  3. Select Upload Ads option in upper right corner. When prompted, drop in or select Browse to select a properly sized ad.
  4. Input the your desired copy for the Ad Name, Title, Description, and Destination URL.


  1. Once finished, press Upload to add the ad to your ad library. It can now be selected when creating a LinkedIn campaign.


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