Getting Started with the RollWorks Account-Based Platform

Introduction to RollWorks

At RollWorks, we don't believe it should be difficult to get started with ABM or run the most advanced account-based strategy. No matter your level of sophistication, our solutions scale to enable marketing and sales teams to:

  • Identify and reach your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to engage accounts you're most likely to win
  • Define a tiered Target Account List (TAL) and nurture accounts to close in concert with your sales team
  • Turn your advertising into a laser-focused account-based advertising program

Get started on your account-based journey with RollWorks by completing these core criteria:

  1. Technical configuration and platform setup
  2. Identify your target accounts
  3. Engage your audience by launching ad campaigns 
  4. Measure your ad campaign performance

Note: be sure to review our Introduction to the RollWorks Platform and the Account-Based Methodology before getting started. 


Technical Configuration & Platform Setup 

In order get the most out of the RollWorks platform, you need to complete the following steps: 




Place the RollWorks Pixel across all pages on your website

The RollWorks Pixel tracks everything your visitors are doing on your site, which is crucial for audience creation and for measurement.

Connect your CRM (not a requirement, but highly recommended)

Connecting your CRM allows you to leverage key features in RollWorks, such as: audience management, bi-directional reporting, and Sales Insights.     

Connect your Marketing Automation (not a requirement, but highly recommended)

Connecting your MAP allows you to leverage key features in RollWorks, such as: audience management and ABM reporting. 

Set up your conversion audiences

Properly defining your conversion audience is key to measuring the success of your advertising investment.

Configure account settings

Ensure your personal information and preferences are up to date and accurate.


RollWorks Platform Overview

The RollWorks platform is organized into the three key solution areas to execute an account-based strategy: Identify, Engage, and Measure. 

Identify Your Target Accounts

The first step in engaging your potential buyers is to identify or validate your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and build and prioritize a Target Account List (TAL). You may already have a TAL, or you can create one using our database of over 18 million B2B companies that meet your ICP criteria.




Determine your ideal customer profile (ICP)

Defining a strong ICP is fundamental in understanding what companies and types of companies should be added to your TAL.

Create a Target Account List (TAL)

Align the accounts your marketing and sales teams go after.  

Create an ad audience

Audience segments are utilized in ad campaigns.


Engage Your Audience

The next step is to create and launch digital advertising campaigns to engage your target accounts. Our engagement solution is designed to provide air cover for marketing and sales, nurture accounts throughout the funnel, and expand into and across existing accounts.




Create a Playbook

Playbooks are templatized campaigns that ensure correct setup and adhere to best practices. 

Create a Retargeting ad campaign

Target a group of people who have already indicated that they're interested in your brand simply by visiting your site.

Create or upload ad creatives

Engage your audience with tailored creative messaging. 

Manage your ad campaigns

Control the targeting parameters in your ad campaigns as your strategy changes.


Measure Your Performance

Finally, after you launch your campaign, you'll want to measure your account engagement and reach. Our measurement solution allows you to report on account-based impact, from opportunity creation to revenue influence.





Understand account-based metrics such as: accounts reached/visited/engaged, and number of unique visitors/page views.

Ad campaigns

Understand efficiency media metrics such as: CPM, CTR, CPC.

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