How to Create a Target Account List

You can manage your Target Account List(s) under Target Accounts in the Identification section of the RollWorks platform. 

There are 3 ways to set up a Target Account List (TAL):


  1. Salesforce: dynamically sync over a company list. Learn more about RollWorks' Salesforce integration here
  2. CSV: upload a company list in a CSV document (single column with the domain only, ie:
  3. Create: RollWorks can help create a company list based on firmographic and technographic attributes that makes sense for your business, otherwise known as your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


How to Create a Target Account List Using the RollWorks Database



  1. Select attributes that define your Ideal Customer Profile (ie: company industry = software/IT, company size = 500-999).
  2. Once the search is complete, you can further segment your TAL with Account Groups (i.e. segment by Company Industry or Company Revenue).
  3. Activate your TAL and Account Group in an Account Targeting Playbook to drive awareness and engagement.
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