How to Create an Account Targeting Playbook

Playbooks Overview

A RollWorks Playbook is a pre-packaged set of advertising campaigns geared towards a specific business goal / marketing goal. The goal of the Account Targeting Playbook is to drive brand awareness and brand (website) engagement - ultimately influencing opportunity creation.

How to Create an Account Targeting Playbook

  1. Getting started: Navigate to the EngagePlaybooksLaunch Your First PlaybookPre-Opportunity FunnelGet Started


  2. Target Accounts: Select your Target Account List and Account Group that you want to serve ads against (note: this is synced from the Target Accounts feature under the Identification section of the platform).


  3. Buyer Persona: Layer in user-level attributes that define your ideal buyer persona (i.e. if your key buyer is "IT decision maker", then select the attributes IT Job Function + Seniority).

  4. Creatives: Upload ads for Campaign 1 (Unaware) and Campaign 2 (Aware). As best practice, we recommend serving upper funnel messaging for Campaign 1 (i.e. whitepapers and webinars), and serving more bottom funnel messaging for Campaign 2 (i.e. contact us, free trial, and demo request).


  5. Budget & Schedule: Select budget type (ongoing or fixed dates) → then enter your budget.


  6. Playbook Review & Launch: Review and name your Playbook → then click “Launch."




What types of creatives are supported in Playbooks?

All web sizes, native, video, and personalized ads.

Can I target multiple Target Account Lists (TALs) within a single Playbook?

No, you can only activate 1 TAL and 1 Account Group within a single Playbook.

What user-level attributes are available to target?

Job Function, Intent Topics, and Seniority.

Can I make changes to a Playbook once it is live?

Yes, the following actions are available: Edit, Pause, Clone, and Delete.

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