Account Targeting Playbook: Overview and Getting Started

What is the Account Targeting Playbook?

The Account Targeting Playbook is a pre-packaged set of advertising campaigns aimed to drive brand awareness and brand (website) engagement, with the goal to ultimately influence opportunity creation.

Who is eligible to access?

All RollWorks customers on a subscription have access to the Account Targeting Playbook.

How to Create an Account Targeting Playbook

Watch this short video on how to get started or review the steps below:

  1. Getting started: Navigate to the EngagePlaybooksLaunch Your First PlaybookAccount TargetingGet Started


  2. Target Accounts: Select your Target Account List and Account Group that you want to serve ads against (note: this is synced from the Target Accounts feature under the Identification section of the platform). Make sure you have General Exclusions set up to ensure you are delivering ads to the most relevant people.


  3. Buyer Persona: Layer in user-level attributes that define your ideal buyer persona (i.e. if your key buyer is "IT decision maker", then select the attributes IT Job Function + Seniority).

  4. Creatives: Upload ads for Campaign 1 (Unaware) and Campaign 2 (Aware). As best practice, we recommend serving upper funnel messaging for Campaign 1 (i.e. whitepapers and webinars), and serving more bottom funnel messaging for Campaign 2 (i.e. contact us, free trial, and demo request).


  5. Budget & Schedule: Select budget type (ongoing or fixed dates) → then enter your budget. Note that you can customize the amount of budget you wish to spend for the remainder of the month or go with our automatic suggested prorated amount depending on how much you want to spend that month. 


  6. Playbook Review & Launch: Review and name your Playbook → then click “Launch."




What types of creatives are supported in Playbooks?

Playbooks support all standard display, video, HTML5, and native ad units.

Can I target multiple Target Account Lists (TALs) within a single Playbook?

No, you can only activate 1 TAL and 1 Account Group within a single Playbook.

What user-level attributes are available to target?

Job Function, Intent Topics, and Seniority.

Can I make changes to a Playbook once it is live?

Yes, the following actions are available: Edit, Pause, Clone, and Delete.

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