RollWorks ABM HubSpot Integration

The RollWorks ABM HubSpot Integration is currently available to customers on a RollWorks contract. If you are not sure if you have access to it, or if you’d like to discuss upgrading your subscription package to take advantage of this feature, please reach out to your account manager.


The RollWorks ABM HubSpot app is a bidirectional data connector that helps Marketing and Sales teams put ABM in action by importing your HubSpot CRM audiences to RollWorks and exporting the performance data against Target Accounts back to HubSpot. 

Using new or existing HubSpot Contact lists, customers can sync CRM audiences to RollWorks for dynamic digital advertising campaigns. Then, after targeting and engaging with these Contacts and Companies in RollWorks, the RollWorks ABM HubSpot app can export ad campaign performance data back into HubSpot to view Company engagement metrics on HubSpot Company Properties and in HubSpot custom reports and dashboards.​​

App Installation

Follow the instructions below to install the RollWorks ABM HubSpot app and authenticate with your RollWorks account:

  1. Within RollWorks, navigate the Connected Audiences tab within Marketing Ad Audiences
  2. Select "Connect an Audience" from the New Audience drop-down 
  3. Click the HubSpot icon then click "Authenticate with HubSpot" which will prompt you to enter your HubSpot login credentials to complete authentication with RollWorks
  4. If prompted to login to your HubSpot account, select the HubSpot account you want to connect with RollWorks
  5. You're all set! Navigate back to RollWorks and read below to continue syncing your dynamic HubSpot audiences​ 

Dynamic Audience Sync

After completing the app installation and connecting your RollWorks account you'll want to get started on syncing HubSpot audiences. Before activating these dynamic audiences in RollWorks, make sure you have the right Contact Lists that you want to target setup in HubSpot. There are countless different ABM audiences configurations and use-cases to active audiences from your CRM within RollWorks, but a good place to start is to create Contact Lists that represent contacts from your Target Accounts, marketing-qualified contacts, and/or sales qualified contacts.


Once your Contact Lists are created, within RollWorks, navigate to the Connected Audiences tab under Marketing Ad Audience and click the "Overview" dropdown within HubSpot connected app.


From the HubSpot app overview screen, click the Import Lists button to pull up all available HubSpot Contact Lists. From this Import Lists screen, search and select the Contact Lists to import from HubSpot.


Important Notes:

  • Contact Lists must contain at least 100 emails
  • HubSpot Contact Lists sync nightly at midnight, therefore newly created lists may not appear in RollWorks immediately
  • After your Contact List has been selected, please allow up to 24 hours to complete the cookie matching process
  • New HubSpot contacts added to the synced Contact List will be pulled into RollWorks every 24 hours during nightly sync

From there, you're ready to activate your dynamic HubSpot audience in RollWorks advertising campaigns! Within the RollWorks Engagement solution you'll now be able to target these dynamic CRM audiences in Contact Targeting and Retargeting campaigns.

Reporting in HubSpot

After engaging with various accounts and contacts from your Target Account List in RollWorks, the RollWorks ABM HubSpot integration will begin to export the account level campaign performance data back to Companies in RollWorks. By installing the app, RollWorks will create a set of Custom Company Properties back in HubSpot to export our data to nightly. This allows our customers to view up-to-date company engagement metrics within a HubSpot Company record as well as in aggregated custom reporting and dashboard.

RollWorks nightly export syncs the last 30 days of company level campaign data between matched RollWorks domains and HubSpot Company website URLs. If there are duplicate Company records in HubSpot, RollWorks matches domains based on the Company record with most recent last modified date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to export RollWorks Account data back to HubSpot, you must have a Target Account List (TAL) configured in RollWorks. RollWorks will only export data to HubSpot for accounts/companies on the RollWorks TAL. For this reason, it is important to make sure your RollWorks TAL is representative of your target accounts in HubSpot.

RollWorks ABM Custom Company Properties

  • RollWorks Last Activity - The date in which the last RollWorks attributed Impression or Click was recorded
  • RollWorks Impressions - Sum of company level impressions for 30 days since last activity date
  • RollWorks Impression Cost - Sum of RollWorks spend against a company for 30 days since last activity date
  • RollWorks Clicks - Sum of RollWorks company level ad clicks for 30 days since last activity date
  • RollWorks Page Views - Sum of pages viewed by the company for 30 days since last activity date
  • RollWorks Conversions - Total of click and view conversions by a company for 30 days since last activity date
  • RollWorks CTC - Sum of click-through conversions by a company for 30 days since last activity date
  • RollWorks VTC - Sum of view-through conversions by a company for last 30 days since last activity date

To easily view this data on a Company record, work with your HubSpot system admin to add the RollWorks custom properties to the layout of HubSpot Company records for Sales.


Building Custom Reports & Dashboards

Because the RollWorks data lives on custom Company properties, it can easily be configured into a custom report and/or dashboard to align Marketing and Sales teams on performance against Target Accounts. 

Within HubSpot Reports, click "Create custom report", select "Single object" and choose the Company object. From there, simply select "Add Company Property" and search for the RollWorks custom properties listed above that you'd like pulled into your custom Company report. 


Once your report is ready to go, you can decide to save just the report alone, or add to a new or existing HubSpot dashboard. Adding to dashboards is a great way to get your new RollWorks ABM HubSpot report integrated into existing workflows of Sales and Marketing teams.


For more information or to answer any additional questions, please reach out to your dedicated RollWorks Account Manager or email 

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