AdRoll to RollWorks Transition Guide

This guide is meant to help you navigate the RollWorks platform.

Your AdRoll dashboard looked like this:


RollWorks has a very similar user interface, and is broken out to 3 different sections: Identify, Engage and Measure


This is where you will be able to Identify your ideal customer profile, target accounts, and key buyers. Audiences that have been uploaded will be under the second tab labeled Connected Audiences.



Engage high-fit accounts with advertising and SDR emails. The campaigns you have created and the ads you have created, uploaded, and requested will all be here. 



Measure the effectiveness of your programs at the contact and account level. This will contain the same reports you have grown accustomed to in AdRoll. If you have any scheduled reports, they will continue to send. 


Interested in Sales features with RollWorks? Schedule a demo to find out more.

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