Prohibited Content & Practices: Abusing Ad Networks

We take our advertising policies seriously and aim to ensure that ads which run via our platform are useful, appropriate, engaging, and safe for our customers and those that are served our ads. 

Examples are outlined below of prohibited content and practices in relation to abusing the ad network. 

Circumventing the Ad Review Process

Any ads designed with the intent to circumvent the ad review process are prohibited from running via NextRoll. Examples include: 

❌ Ads which try to conceal the actual content on the ad or landing page.

❌ Ads which contain unicode characters or symbols in an attempt to obscure specific words. 

❌ Creating a new account after the Policy Ad Review team prohibits an existing account from running ads due to infringement of our advertising policies.


Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining using browser CPU’s from unsuspecting website visitors is prohibited in line with our Advertising Policies. Examples include: 

❌ Any service which offers JavaScript which has the ability to mine for cryptocurrency without knowledge or consent from the user.

❌ Any technique whereby a JavaScript tag is inputted into a website's code to use the visitor's CPU to mine for cryptocurrency.



NextRoll does not condone the use of Malware. Any content which is deemed malicious or tries to bypass the ad review process is not eligible to run via NextRoll.  Malware is considered to be any type of software in which the purpose is designed to harm, infiltrate, or damage a computer. Malware may access sensitive information from a computer without receiving consent to do so. Types of prohibited malware  include: 

❌ Viruses.

❌ Worms.

❌ Spyware.

❌ Adware.

❌ Ransomware.

❌ Trojan horse.

❌ Any malicious programs or apps.

❌ 'Cloaking’ or utilizing any tool to mask the final destination which users are directed to.


Spam Tactics

Spam or deceptive tactics distract visitors without providing value. The following tactics are prohibited: 

❌ Excessive use of punctuation, fonts, or font formatting.

❌ Any strategy that interferes with browser functionality.

❌ Strategies that mimic system functions to trick visitors into completing an action.

❌  Websites that prompt users to download additional software in order to display website elements.

❌ Malicious activity aimed at acquiring traffic.

❌ Artificially increasing clicks.


Unwanted/Unclear Software 

NextRoll will not approve content in which unclear software applications are promoted. This includes: 

❌ Unclear terms of services surrounding a software download or installation.

❌ Terms of Services are not easily located, or not available.

❌ Software which has the ability to make system updates or changes without gaining consent from the user.

❌ Unclear instructions, or no instructions, for the user to uninstall the software if they wish to do so.

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