What is the "Visitors to Unsegmented Pages" Audience?

When you sign up for RollWorks, the platform will automatically set up a default audience called Visitors to Unsegmented Pages (*). This default URL-based audience will serve as a catch-all to track all your website traffic until you start defining and adding new audiences to the RollWorks platform.

The URL pattern used to configure the "Visitors to Unsegmented Pages" uses an asterisk *.

On the RollWorks platform the asterisk * is used as a wildcard symbol that stands for any number of letters or characters in your URL. Meaning it covers every URL on your website. Here you can learn more about how to use the * wildcard on the Rollworks platform.



Creating new Audiences in addition to "Vistors to Unsegmented Pages"

If you create new audiences, for example, to define your high-value pages, your "Visitors to Unsegmented Pages" audience will continue to grow, but will no longer include any activity on pages captured by your newly defined audiences.

Any traffic to the pages that you define separately as an audience will be tracked directly by that audience and will be excluded from "Visitors to Unsegmented Pages".

Avoid segmenting your audience into too many small segments

It's important to avoid splitting your audience up into too many small segments because it can affect performance. The larger the audience, the more we can optimize who, where, and when we target your visitors based on user intent signals.

If you're new to RollWorks, are unsure of how much traffic your website gets, or don't have a campaign strategy yet—hold off. Let your "Visitors to Unsegmented Pages" audience populate for 30 days.

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