Add and Switch between multiple Advertiser Profiles

Large Enterprises and Agency Partners use multiple Advertiser Profiles

Multiple Advertiser Profiles are used mostly by Large Enterprise accounts and RollWorks Agency Partners


What is an Advertiser Profile?

Advertiser profiles help you manage campaigns for multiple websites in a single RollWorks account. Each profile you create generates a unique Pixel for you to activate on the corresponding website, and essentially functions as its own RollWorks account.

Your first advertiser profile is generated using the website URL submitted when you signed up.

If you want to launch ABM campaigns and Playbooks across multiple websites you will need to create one Advertiser Profile for each website.


How to create a new Advertiser Profile? 

If you wish to create a new Advertiser Profile, follow the below steps:

    • Go to Settings 
    • Under Company, Go to Advertiser Profiles
    • Click Add

    • Enter your Advertiser Profile name, Website URL, and Choose your country
    • You may select the Existing Billing Account or Create a New Billing Account
    • Click Save 



How do I switch between Advertiser Profiles?

  • In the bottom left corner, you'll see the name of the profile that you are currently viewing
  • Click on the name and click All Advertiser Profiles to view a full list of your Advertiser Profiles
  • Click on the Advertiser Profile profile name to toggle between them.  



In order to view top-line metrics across all of the profiles in your account, select the 'All Advertiser Profiles' option from your profile menu. This enables you to easily compare performance across each of the sites you manage.

Click on the advertiser profile to open a drop-down list of all advertiser profiles. Remember, each advertiser profile should correspond with a different website and will have its own unique Pixel.

Click on any of the profile names below the graph to access metrics specific to that account.


How do I grant access to my Advertiser Profiles?

Access to specific Advertiser Profiles can be managed by editing your existing team members' user profiles. Learn more about how to manage your team member user profiles in this article



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