Welcome to RollWorks to former AdRoll Customers

Welcome to RollWorks! We are excited to have you aboard. Your account has been identified as a company that serves businesses (B2B).

  • AdRoll is a D2C (direct to consumer) platform and will continue to focus its current and future product functionality on D2C companies.
  • RollWorks has all of the equivalent advertising functionality as AdRoll and is a B2B platform with additional product capabilities catered towards B2B companies.

We conducted this transfer because our highest priority is the success of our customers and the RollWorks platform is where B2B companies can be most successful with their marketing efforts. If you feel like you are a D2C business, please contact our customer support team and we will look into moving you back to AdRoll. 

Now that you have been migrated, your existing campaigns, ad audiences, and Pixel will remain unchanged. There will be absolutely no changes to your billing and payment settings. However, you will now have the option to use additional B2B sales and marketing products on the RollWorks platform, such as Contact Data and Sales Automation.

To learn more about these additional features, please visit our website or contact your sales representative.


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