Privacy Policy Requirements

Review Process

When you launch your first campaign, our Ad Review team will review your privacy policy to make sure you have all of the required information. You're required to post your Privacy Policy within 30 days of your campaign start date. 

Why You Need a Privacy Policy 

AdRoll campaigns require access to certain types of tracking, which means that in line with the Digital Advertising Alliance Self Regulatory Program (enforced by the Better Business Bureau and the US Federal Trade Commission), you're required to let your visitors know. The Privacy Policy requirement is also in the NextRoll Terms of Service.

Required Information

To run RollWorks campaigns, a Privacy Policy needs to include statements for all of the following:

  • Types of Data
    • A list of all the types of personal data collected by your website. For example, IP addresses, cookie identifiers, or other tracking technologies such as pixels, and end-user website activity.
    • If you have opted in to the RollWorks cross-device graph service (or are using any product or service that leverages RollWorks' cross-device graph such as RollWorks Email), the list of types of personal data your website collects must include “hashed identifiers derived from email addresses for the purposes of cross-device tracking for targeted advertising.” Please also include a reference to NextRoll's Privacy Policy.
  •  Use of Data
    • When visitors come to your site, third parties (such as RollWorks) may place cookies on their browsers for targeted advertising purposes.
  •  Opt-Out Information

Where to Place Your Privacy Policy

You should have a clearly visible link to the privacy policy on all site pages where personal information is collected and the AdRoll Pixel is placed. The privacy policy must be clearly and conspicuously placed on the home page, and should be easily accessible within a few clicks of the landing page. 


Each privacy policy will be unique to the specific website, but for inspiration take a look at the NextRoll Privacy Notice

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