Connect Marketo Lists for Your CRM Audience

After you integrate your RollWorks and Marketo accounts, turning your static email lists into a RollWorks CRM audience is easy.

1. Within the RollWorks platform, navigate to Identify > Ad Audiences > Connected Audiences.

2. Find the Marketo app and click on Overview (three horizontal dots).


3. Click on Import Lists.


4. Select the lists you wish to import to RollWorks and click on Done when complete.


Note: A minimum list size of 100 is required for a list to fully sync.

5. Each list will populate as a distinct CRM audience under the Synced Audiences subsection of Connected Audiences.


Note: lists syncing will take at least 2 days to be matched with cookies and to fully populate as an audience in RollWorks.  Once a list is ready, its status will be changed to "Ready to Use."

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