Guide to Improve your Email Deliverability

Good email deliverability is important in ensuring that your emails get to your contact's inbox instead of their spam folders. Below are a few quick tips on how to improve your email deliverability: 

The extra “S” stands for “SSL”, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer and helps to protect your online data. This not only helps your emails not get flagged as spam it also helps to: 

  • Improve your SEO 
  • Provide data and website integrity

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and openCertificate Authority. If you are still living in the HTTP days, we HIGHLY recommend you take action now and protect your website. Your email deliverability will thank you later. 

Subject Lines
Did you know that if your emails are deleted without getting opened by your contacts, many top webmail providers are more likely to flag your following emails as spam? This was proven to be one of the leading inbox placement issues, effecting 26% of email sequences.

One of the best ways to combat this issue is to create compelling, condensed and relevant subject lines. For example, the subject line %%Company_Name%% in Entrepreneur, Forbes or Huffington Post? can be changed to Introduction- %%Company_Name%% & RollWorks. Also, avoid sending subject lines or email bodies with ALL CAPITALIZED LETTERS. Here is a great article to refer to re: subject lines

Images and Hyperlinks
RollWorks Sales was designed and created to help companies automate their outbound sales efforts vs. marketing and informational email platforms. Lengthy emails, with images and hyperlinks, are one of the leading causes for emails getting stuck in spams folders. Here is an article by the Huffington Post that goes into more detail as to why you want to keep your outbound sales emails as simple as possible. 

Email Body Text
Everyday words and phrases such as Amazing or Free Access can sadly be the cause of your email going to your contact's spam folder instead of their inbox. We encourage you to be mindful of these words and phrases- less is more! Here is a list of common spam flagging words to avoid. 

Deliverability Score
Once you feel confident with the messaging you have created for your contacts, you should run an email deliverability test to ensure you domain has been configured correctly- we recommend Here is a brief help article that can walk you through how to run the email deliverability test from an email template in your RollWorks account.

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