Sales Reports

How to Navigate the Measure Tab 

Sales Reports

The Sales Reports Tab tab gives you access to data on how your templates, sequence, audiences, and reps are performing at any given time. 


The Overview section allows you to view the number of leads contacted, unique opens, replies, warms replies and active reps. Place your cursor on any graph to view the percentages. 

You can easily select whether you'd like to view your data daily, weekly or monthly in the bar graph. 

Cohort Funnel Overview

A cohort is a group of people you began engaging at the same time. For example, the month of April is a cohort, and of everyone you started to email in April, the report will show conversion percentages of how many of them opened, replied, or positively replied since April. If you want to view when opens and replies actually took place, look to the Events report view.

Event Activity Overview

When viewing reports based on Events, you will be shown the exact date when actions took place. Actions include email deliveries, opens, clicks, and replies. You will not be shown conversion percentages in the Event report. If you want to view conversion percentages, look to the Cohort report view above.


The Sequences section is a breakdown of all your sequences and statistics on how they've performed. By default, all your sequences will be selected. To only include a subset of your sequence, push the 'All' drop down menu at the top of the page and select which sequences you'd like to include. 

Leads contacted, unique opens, replies and warms replies are visible from the individual sequence stats section.

Selecting 'Details' next to a sequence will bring you to a breakdown of templates, audiences and reps that were assigned to that sequence.

Analyzing your sequences details can provide you with valuable insights as to which email templates are outperforming others and which audience segments are best responding to your sequence's messaging. 


The Reps tab gives you a breakdown of leads contacted, unique opens, replies and warms replies per rep. 

Selecting 'Details' next to a rep will bring you to a breakdown of their performance over time. 

From this graph, you may be able to identify trends such as Ben, on average, has a higher open rate and more warm replies Wednesdays and Thursdays vs. Mondays and Fridays. 

You are also able to view leads contacted, unique opens, replies and warms replies for each sequence and audience the rep was assigned to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export my Report data?
You are not able to export your reporting data. 

Can I narrow my range of data? Yes. At the top of each section in your Reporting tab, there is a date range selector where you can filter your data to only include a specific set of dates. 

Does the data on the reports tab update in real time?
The data in your Reports tab is updated periodically throughout the day. It can take up to 24 -48 hours for all the data on a given day to be updated. 

I got a response but the graphs didn't update- why?
All the numbers provided (e.g Unique Opens, Replies, etc.) are based on when the prospect was first created. For example, if a lead was first engaged on May 1st and responded on June 15th, the reply will be applied to May 1st. This allows you to do cohort analysis, also known as group analysis. Also, keep in mind that it can take up to 24 - 48 hours for all the data on a given day to be updated. 

Where can I view the number of emails that bounce?

If an email bounces, the lead is removed from your account and the credit is returned to your balance. Bounce rates typically range from 3-6%. 

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