Sales Automation: Prospector Chrome Extension for HubSpot

RollWorks Chrome Extension, Prospector, will allow you to: 

  • Enrich existing contacts with any missing data points, including email addresses 
  • Add recommended new contacts, based on similarities with your existing contacts
  • Identify and add new contacts who work at your existing companies in your HubSpot
  • Add contacts to any of your RollWorks sequences, directly from HubSpot

Once you've downloaded the extension from the Chrome Store you will be able to access Prospector in all of your HubSpot companies and contacts. 

When you've logged into your RollWorks account through HubSpot the Enrichment and Account contacts tabs will populate with data from our database.


The Enrichment tab will give you the information we have about a specific company including: company size, industry, tech used, company description, Alexa Rank, etc.. 

Account Contacts

Enrich your existing data by easily pulling additional contacts straight from our database. You can scroll through the list or search by name / job title. You'll also be able to see where these contacts are physically located. Once you've found someone you'd like to engage just click "Fetch Email." 

With the ability to "Fetch Email" you can add these contacts directly to a sequence from your HubSpot account. 

When a contact has been redeemed it will be added to your RollWorks contacts table and the contact will be assigned to the audience you selected from your HubSpot account. 

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