Email Data Collection Opt-in: How does RollWorks collect emails?

How does RollWorks collect emails?

When you set up your RollWorks account, we strongly recommend allowing the RollWorks Pixel to recognize when an email address is submitted on any page of your website. By associating the visitor with their email, we can match subscribers to the actions they take on your site.

Some opportunities to collect visitor emails include:

  • Filling out a form.
  • Subscribing your blog or newsletter.
  • Using their email address to log in to an account.

Anytime your visitor shares their email address on your website is an opportunity for your RollWorks Pixel to pick it up. 


How does RollWorks use collected emails?

We only use the actual email address for your campaigns and don't share it with anyone else except as necessary to send the emails. This means no other advertiser will see or be able to access emails collected on your site. We also collect a hashed version of the email which we do store permanently and use to help us better target ads to benefit all of our advertisers.

While we do our part to help protect your customer’s privacy by securely transferring the email address to us, we rely on you to ensure that you’re following all regulations around email collection and use including anti-spam laws. Make sure you notify customers of these practices in your terms of service or privacy notice and get any required permissions to send marketing emails.


How do I enable email collection from my website?

  • Sign in to RollWorks and go to 'Settings' on the sidebar (look for the gear symbol)
  • Go to 'Data Collection' > 'Opt-Ins'
  • Make sure that the box for 'Collect emails from your website' is checked
  • Click 'Save'


Downstream effects of opting out from data collection

  • We wouldn’t be able to de-anonymize a contact when a user visits your website
  • Since we wouldn’t be able to collect the email addresses, the Granular Conversions Report will not display email addresses for your conversions
  • You wouldn’t be able to see or track conversions accurately in RollWorks UI
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