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Who is eligible to sync Sales Automation with Salesforce?

The Sales Automation bidirectional sync is only compatible with Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited, and Salesforce Professional with API add-on. If you use Salesforce Professional (without the API add-on) go here for further instructions.

Unsure of your Salesforce Edition? Visit this helpful article for further instructions. 


What will Syncing your RollWorks Account to Salesforce do? 

If you have existing accounts and contacts, you are able to connect your Salesforce to ensure we don’t duplicate your contact generation or outreach efforts. Connecting your Salesforce will also allow us to easily sync new contact data to your account. 


How do I sync Sales Automation with my Salesforce CRM?

Pro-tip: Have your Salesforce account open and logged in on a different browser tab.

Step 1: Login into your RollWorks account, go to your Identify tab, Data Settings Section, select Sync CRM & Blacklists tab and click Connect CRM. You will be brought to a screen with a drop-down menu of available CRMs. From this drop-down menu select the Salesforce edition you are using. 


Step 2: Select your Salesforce version and click 'Next'


Step 3:  New contacts that are engaged via RollWorks can be synced to your Salesforce account as either a new contact or a new contact and both emails sent and replies can be tracked. You are able to opt-out of both of these syncing options.  

Then, select the Salesforce tasks type for new email activity. Note: the options in the drop-down are pulled from your Salesforce account. 

Step 4: Easily sync contact information to your Salesforce account by mapping RollWorks fields to your corresponding Salesforce lead, contact and contact fields. 

The Salesforce field drop-down menu contains all the lead/ contact fields currently created within your Salesforce account. If you do not have a particular lead/ contact field in your Salesforce account, you'll need to create the lead/ contact field in Salesforce before RollWorks can begin syncing this information. 

Step 5: Next, map your Salesforce lead status' to your RollWorks' contact status. The Salesforce state drop-down menu contains all the lead states you’ve already created in your Salesforce account. If you do not have a lead state in your Salesforce account that matches the RollWorks state, simply push Add as New State

After you've mapped your RollWorks states to your Salesforce states every time a contact's status is updated in your RollWorks account, it will automatically update this lead's status in your Salesforce account. 

RollWorks' Contact States and Definitions

Step 6: Map your RollWorks reps to your Salesforce users. Moving forward, if you add new reps to your RollWorks account, we’ll try to automatically match them to your Salesforce users based on emails. If RollWorks does not find a match, then new prospects will be assigned to your Salesforce admin. You can update reps matching at any time. 


Step 7:  Choose whether you'd like to blacklist contacts or leads and their companies. Choose whether you'd like to blacklist contacts or contacts and their companies.


Step 8: Once you push save, you should see a grey SYNCED icon next to your Salesforce account which means you’ve successfully connected your RollWorks account to your Salesforce account. If you ever need to disconnect your Salesforce account from your RollWorks account, push the Unlink text below your account holders email address. 




Salesforce Sync flow

Once you’ve successfully synced your Salesforce account to your RollWorks account every new contact that moves to a ready status or engaged through RollWorks will automatically be added to your Salesforce account. 

Every time a contact status gets updated in your RollWorks account depending on how you’ve mapped your status’, your Salesforce lead status will update accordingly

If at anytime you delete a lead or change your lead to a contact in your Salesforce account, RollWorks will no longer automatically update their status’ or activity. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Salesforce the only CRM that you connect to?  

Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Professional with API add-on, and Salesforce Unlimited are currently the only CRMs that RollWorks has a two-way integration with i.e. RollWorks will blacklist existing data and push new contact data. 

You can sync your email communication to a number of other CRMs by inserting your CRM's unique BCC address into your RollWorks account. Further directions on how to insert your CRM's unique BCC address can be found here

Inserting your unique BCC address will not sync your existing accounts or contact data from your CRM to RollWorks. To ensure we do not duplicate your contact generation or engagement efforts, we highly recommend manually uploading a “Do not contact” or a blacklist


Are you compatible with all Salesforce editions? 

Salesforce Enterprise, Salesforce Unlimited and Salesforce Professional with API add-on.


When will the contact I redeem in RollWorks be added to my Salesforce account?

Information will be pushed when the contact has finished the verification process and either moves to Ready (if you don't plan on engaging the contact right away) or Nurturing (when you start engaging the contact). 

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