Your Contacts Overview

Go to your Identity tab and click on Contact Data. At the top of the page, you can click on Your Contacts. From the Your Contacts tab, you’ll be able to view all contacts that you've redeemed, which contacts are being engaged, which contacts have responded and which contacts are scheduled to be engaged. You are also able to filter down Your Contacts table to only include a specific subset you’d like to analyze.

Here are a list of all the contact statuses and their definitions: 

You can use the search bar in the upper left-hand corner to search for a particular contact. 

We analyze each reply to help determine which contacts are sales ready and require immediate focus from your reps.

Interested contacts will be marked as Stopped - Positive Reply and are sent directly to the inbox of your sales reps so they can prioritize conversations and close more deals.

When contacts aren’t sales ready, our software automatically schedules follow-ups to catch them when they are.

Sales reps don’t have to deal with OOO messages, bounces, or declines. We automatically filter these and adjust the next steps accordingly.

Note: In order for our system to mark your contacts with the appropriate status, the response must come from the email address we engaged. Example: If you engage but she responds from our system will not be able to map this response to the contact you engaged. You can easily switch your contact's status from Nurturing to the appropriate stopped status from Your Contacts table. 

You can view the contact details and activity timeline of your contacts by selecting the three circles on the right-hand side of the contacts table. From this modal you are also able to edit a contacts information and flag it as outdated. 

From Your Contacts tab you can also 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know where a contact is in their email sequence?
You are able to assess where a particular contact is in the email sequence from the sequence column. For example, if a contact is listed as "Email 2 of 5" that means they’ve received two emails and are currently scheduled to receive three more. 

What does last activity refer to?
The last activity date refers to the last time a contact was emailed. 

What am I able to export from the contacts table?
From Your Contacts tab, you are able to export a CSV of your contact data (first name, last name, email address, job title, company name, company domain, contact status, automation, rep, last activity, open count and last email received & more!) 

Can I change the status of a contact once it has been pushed to a Stopped Status?
No, you are not able to change the contact status of a contact from your RollWorks portal. If you feel your contact status’ are not accurate, please contact your Customer Success Manager or 

Can I edit a contacts information?
Yes, you can do so from their contact details modal. 

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