Ready Contacts

What is a Ready Contact?

Ready contacts have been redeemed and have successfully completed the verification process but are unable to move to Scheduled or Nurturing for one of two reasons: 

1) These contacts were not assigned to an email sequence at the time of redemption. 


2) You assigned contacts to an email sequence that has been turned off in your Sales Automation - Sequences tab.


How do you apply Ready Contacts to a sequence after they've been redeemed?

You can easily apply contacts to an email sequence after they've been redeemed through your Lead Gen tab. Below are steps on how to do so:

Step 1: Log into your Rollworks account and navigate to your Contact Data - Find Contacts.


Step 2: Find the audience where your Ready Contacts were redeemed.

Step 3: In the Ready column, click the purple down arrow next to those Ready Contacts. 

Step 4: Select the sequence you'd like to engage these contacts with and push confirm. 


How do I turn my sequence on?

You can turn your sequence on by going to your Sales Automation - Sequences tab and toggling the switch to the left of it. If the switch is blue, your sequence is turned on. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an easy way for me to transfer all of my Ready Contacts at once?

You bet! When you click on the view button from your Sales Automation Overview tab next to your Ready Contacts count, you will be brought to Your Contacts tab with only your Ready Contacts selected. 

From here, you can select all of your Ready Contacts and transfer them to an email sequence. For more information on how to transfer contacts to an email sequence or a new sales rep, go here. 

Will emails be sent right away if I transfer my Ready contacts to an email sequence?

If you transfer your Ready contacts to an email sequence in between the times you've specified on your sequence


and your rep has not hit their max # of leads per day 


then yes, emails will move from Ready, to Nurturing. Otherwise, they will be move to Scheduled and send out at the next available time.

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