How to Upload Contacts into your RollWorks Account

Uploading your own contact lists into your RollWorks account will need to be done on the back end of your account by your Customer Success Manager. 

The columns that need to be included in the CSV you send your Customer Success Manager are: email, firstName, lastName, jobTitle, companyName, city (optional), state (optional), country (optional).

Every contact that gets uploaded into your RollWorks Account goes through a very strict email verification check. If the email address does not pass the verification check, it is not able to be engaged via RollWorks. This was put in place to protect your email domain and deliverability as it is crucial to have low bounce rates.

Depending on the source of the contacts, we typically see uploaded contacts have a 35% to 75% valid rate.

Note: there is a charge for uploading your own contacts into your RollWorks account. If you'd like a quote on how much it costs to upload your own contacts into your account, please contact either your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Will my contacts be used in other accounts? No, we do not push your contacts into our main database. These contacts will stay in your RollWorks account for only your use. 

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