Sales Automation Contact Data Overview


To find your Contact Data overview Dashboard login RollWorks, go to 'Sales Automation' > 'Contact Data' and click 'Oveview'.


Your Contact Data Overview is a high-level overview that allows you to view what Sales Automation Contact Data steps still need to be completed, the status of your sales automation team members, the number of contact credits you have used, and the number of contact credits you have remaining. 


To-Do's section

Your to-do section is a list of what still needs to be completed in your RollWorks account. Once you've completed all the to-do tasks, this section will be removed from your Contact Data Overview. 

  • Connecting an Email Domain: Before you can begin sending emails to your contacts out through your RollWorks account you need to create and connect a Sendgrid account.
  • Unverified Sales Reps:  Once you've added a sales rep to your RollWorks account, they will be sent an email to verify their work email address. If a rep has not verified their work email address emails cannot be sent on their behalf. If you need to resend your rep their verification email, navigate to the Data Settings tab, place your cursor over the ‘x’ symbol to the right of the reps name and push Resend verification email.
  • Inactive Sequences: In order to send emails on behalf of your sales reps, you will need to create and turn on a sequence.
  • Sync CRM or add your "do not contact" list: Although syncing your CRM and/or uploading a blacklist is not mandatory before launching a sequence it is a great way to ensure RollWorks does not duplicate your lead generation or outreach efforts. 


Company Overview section

  • Contact Credits: Your credit balance is shown on your Identity Overview. You can use credits to get new contacts you'd like to engage. One credit is equivalent to one contact. You are able to easily track both used and unused credit from your Identity Overview.  Any unused credits will carry over to the next month. If you'd like to purchase additional credits for the current month, simply push Request More below Credits Remaining. 
      • Note: Contacts that bounce or are unverified will not count towards your used credits. We highly encourage you to review your leads prior to redemption to ensure you are satisfied with your generated contacts.
  • Active Reps vs. Paused Reps: An active rep refers to a sales rep that has verified their email address whereas a paused sales rep has either not verified their email address or has been paused. No new or follow-up emails can be sent on behalf of a paused sales rep. 

In addition, a sales rep can be paused or unpaused at any time from the Data Settings tab. When a sales rep is unpaused, follow-up emails from existing sequences will resume.


Your Sales Automation Engagement data is available under a different dashboard. Login to RollWorks and go to 'Sales Automation' > 'Sequences' > 'Overview'




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