Introduction to Your RollWorks Pixel

Your RollWorks Pixel is a JavaScript code snippet placed in the footer of your site. It's designed to load asynchronously without interfering with any other elements on your site.

Your Pixel is uniquely generated as soon as you sign up for your RollWorks account. If you manage multiple websites, and therefore create additional advertiser profiles, we generate a pixel code for each advertiser profile. 

To view and activate your pixel, see here for detailed instructions.

Technical Notes

Your Pixel adds an image to the <head> element of your code. We register a callback with the browser that is enacted at the end of the rendering process – no other DOM elements are transferred or manipulated. Your page load won't be blocked even if the Internet connection to RollWorks' CDN or our servers is interrupted.

  • To ensure very fast loading regardless of your visitor's geographical location, we deliver our Pixel content from Akamai, the #1 global content delivery network (CDN).
  • Your Pixel dynamically handles both HTTP and HTTPS.
  • Your pixel code has been tested by our engineers and by the developers of third-party data systems.
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