Outbound Sales Email Guide: Follow-Up

Congrats on completing your introduction email! Now you are tasked with creating another two to five follow-up emails.

Unfortunately, one email is simply not enough. On average, it takes 6 touch points to get a response from a cold contact. An inbox in today's world gets flooded with outreach emails and it is incredibly easy to let an email or two fall through the cracks. 

So, don't give up! And don't let your emails sound like you've given up! Your follow-up emails should re-iterate who you are, what company you work for and how you can bring their company or their life value. Everyone likes a good, relevant value proposition. 

The following templates were created to provide a structure and ideas for creating your very own outbound follow-up sales email. 

As always, we highly suggest you craft your own messaging that will truly resonate with your prospects. Check out RollWorks's Outbound Sales Email Guide for tips and tricks on how to craft a compelling outbound sales email. 

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3

Template #4 

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