Sales Automation: Zapier Integration Guide

Our Zapier integration gives you the power to automate workflows between RollWorks Sales Automation and other apps you use such as Slack, Google Sheets, TypeForm, Calendly, CRM systems, and many more.

We have 4 triggers and 2 actions within Zapier. 


  1. Positive Reply Received - Triggered after a contact replies positively to an email.
  2. State Changed - Triggered when the state of a contact changes.
  3. Email Opened - Triggered when a contact opens an email.
  4. Email Clicked - Triggered when a contact clicks a link in an email.


  1. Move to a Sequence - Move a contact to a specific sequence.
  2. Stop Nurturing - Stop nurturing a contact with drip emails.

Below are some quick links to some of our favorite Zaps: 

  • Connect your RollWorks account to Slack to alert yourself when your contacts open their emails
  • Stop nurturing your contacts in RollWorks when they sign up for a demo on Calendly
  • Are you syncing your CRM with RollWorks using our BCC functionality? Check out how you can take your game up a notch here

Calendly Zap

It can be awkward sending an automated follow up email to a contact that has already signed up for an upcoming demo with you. Sometimes a contact you are emailing via RollWorks will book a demo using the Calendly link you included in your introduction email, but they don't respond to the email to let you or RollWorks know they did so. This can be a problem as RollWorks will still send that contact a follow-up email. Avoid that problem with this awesome integration!

Below are step by step instructions on how to connect your Calendly account to your RollWorks account. 

Note: you will need a premium Calendly account to be able to create this Zap. 

Step 1: Log into your RollWorks account, go to Sales Automation > Settings > Integrations
Step 2: Select the Stop nurturing RollWorks contacts when they sign up for a demo in Calendly option


Step 3: Under "Connect this app" Select RollWorks and connect to Calendly. Select what you would like to happen "invitee created" and under then do this select "Stop nurturing" to do Select "Use zap".

Step 4: Connect your Calendly account by inserting your API key from Calendly into the Zapier modal. Here is an article on how to locate your API key in your Calendly account

Step 5: Select Stop Nurturing as the RollWorks action

Step 6: Connect your RollWorks account 

Step 7: Map Calendly to RollWorks using the contacts email address 

Step 8: Test your Zap and push it live! 

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