How to Verify your Domain

Verify your domain

Before RollWorks can begin sending emails from your company’s domain you’ll need to verify your ownership of the domain and grant us permission. This will ensure that emails are successfully delivered to your audience's inboxes.

To do so, you’ll need to update your existing SPF record and add three new TXT/ CNAME records to your registrar dashboard (this is where your domain lives, e.g GoDaddy, NameCheap, CloudFlare)

Note: We connect to 2 third-party email providers. We do our best to connect you to both, but in some situations, you may only need to connect to 1. If you are only connected to 1 email provider, you will have fewer records to insert.

Select your domain registrar from the list below for detailed instructions on how to add TXT/ CNAME records to your domain:


Don’t know where you registered your domain?

If you do not recall where you purchased/registered your domain, you can enter your domain here.


Already have an SPF set-up? 

Most companies already have an existing SPF. You will need to update your existing record instead of adding an additional one. 

For example, if you've already connected your Gmail to your domain you will have an existing SPF record: v=spf1 ?all

You will need to combine RollWorks' SPF record, (v=spf1 ~all) with your existing SPF record by simply adding ~all after your existing one. 

Your combined SPF record should look like this: v=spf1 ~all


How to add new TXT/ CNAME files

When adding your additional TXT/ CNAME records you will be prompted to add your Host name (or "Name") and TXT/ CNAME Value. 

To locate your two DKIM TXT/ CNAME record's Host name go to your accounts tab, verify domain section, scroll down to the second and third TXT/ CNAME records and use the text listed before your domain name in the NAME column.

For example, if my NAME is listed as I would input mailjet._domainkey as my Host name when inserting my DKIM TXT/ CNAME record. 

When adding your final TXT/ CNAME record, use the text listed before your domain name in the NAME column. Note: the code in front of your company name will be unique. 


Need some help?

Enter your Webmaster / IT department’s email and we’ll send them instructions to complete this verification. If you don not have a webmaster please reach out to and we can help walk you through the process.


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