Sales Automation Tasks Overview

What are Sales Automation Tasks?

Tasks indicate when a manual sequence step is due. Tasks help you and your sales team stay on track, engaging with the right contacts, in the right way, at the right time. 

Tasks include: 

  • Manual email tasks
  • Phone call tasks
  • LinkedIn outreach tasks
  • Custom tasks

To learn how to create a Sales Automation Sequence, please visit this help center article

When a sequence step becomes due, it will show up in your Tasks tab. By default, only your tasks will be visible. 



Task Actions

When a task is due you can either start, skip or snooze the task. 

Complete Task: Marking a task as complete indicates that you have successfully completed the task for the associated contact, and that contact can then move forward in the sequence. 

For a manual email task, clicking “send” counts as completing the task.

For a phone call task, you will be asked to choose a call outcome from a dropdown to inform the system of whether or not you spoke with the contact. This will impact the status of the contact and could move them to “Stopped - Positive Reply” or other stopped states depending on the call outcome.

Skip Task: Skipping a task means you are not going to attempt the task and you want it to go away so the contact can progress to the next sequence step


You can also select tasks in bulk and assign an action. 



How do I use Sales Automation Tasks?

Manual Email: When a manual email step is due, it will display which contact needs to be manually emailed, along with the email template you added to your sequence. You can then choose to further customize the email. Once you’re happy with the messaging, you can click send to deliver the email. This is great for top priority contacts because it enables you to individually customize each email before sending it.


Phone Call: When a phone call step is due for a contact, a phone task appears in your Task tab and reminds you to call the contact. The phone call task allows you to log the outcome of your phone call and add any notes needed before completing or snoozing the task for a specific contact. 

Call outcomes that will stop the sequence for a contact:

      • If you log the call outcome as Answered - Interested, this contact's status will change to "Stopped - Positive Reply" and will not move forward in the sequence. 
      • If you log the call outcome as Answered - Contact Not Interested this contact's status will change to "Stopped - Contact Unqualified" and moving forward, no outreach will be scheduled for this contact.
      • If you log the call as Answered - Company Not Interested this contact's status will change to "Stopped - Company Unqualified" and moving forward, no outreach will be scheduled for this contact or anyone else at the same company. 

All other call outcomes will result in the contact remaining in a Nurturing state and they will continue on to the next sequence step. If you want to call the contact back and try again in the next few days, you can snooze the call task and it will reappear when the snooze time has ended.


LinkedIn Request: When a LinkedIn Request task is due, a LinkedIn Request task appears in your Task tab reminding you to send a connection request to a specific contact on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn URL of the contact will be populated automatically in these tasks so you can easily click on their profile and send a request to connect.


LinkedIn Message: When a LinkedIn Message task is due for a contact, a LinkedIn Message task appears in your Task tab and reminds you to send an InMail to your contact. When you create a sequence, you’ll be able to add a template message to this step so that when it is due, you can easily copy and paste the text it into your LinkedIn message to speed up the process. 

Example LinkedIn Message: 

“Hi {name}, I’m an Account Executive at RollWorks. I’d love to learn about your current sales process and potentially discuss if there’s an opportunity for you to increase conversions and scale your outbound sales. Let me know what you think.



Custom Tasks: Custom tasks can be used as reminders to complete any other actions outside of RollWorks, such as sending a handwritten note or following a prospect on Twitter. When due, custom tasks will appear in your tasks tab with whatever instructions you left for yourself regarding this task.


Sales Automation Tasks FAQs


If I don’t complete a sequence step will it move onto the next sequence step?

No, you will need to either complete or skip the task for your contact to continue through the sequence.


Can I change the order of my sequence after it goes live?

Yes, at any time you can go back to your engage tab and edit the order of your sequence steps.


Once I push send on a manual email, does it send immediately?

Yes, it does.

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