Pause Your Ad Campaign

  1. Navigate to your Campaigns tab.
  2. Hover over the campaign you want to pause.
  3. Click the ellipses button that appears.
  4. Click Pause.
  5. Your campaign status will then be Paused.

When you pause a campaign, you're temporarily suspending that campaign's activity. You can also resume the campaign by clicking the Resume button that appears when you hover over the campaign.

Your campaign will then resume immediately.

Paused campaigns and your budget

Your required balance is the sum of your active campaign budgets.

Paused campaigns do count towards your required balance. This is so when you resume, we have the credit needed to immediately resume your campaign.

If you need to lower your required balance or aren't planning on resuming your campaign soon, consider completing your campaign. Ads are saved in your Ads library so you can relaunch easily.

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