Introduction to RollWorks Campaigns

Your RollWorks campaign runs ads across both web and on social, all from one simple setup. Our AI then automatically optimizes this campaign to drive performance for your best-performing ads and audiences to meet your goals.  

How it works

There are two levels of your campaign structure: Campaign and AdGroup.

Set your daily budget (about how much you to spend each day) at the campaign level, along with connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts

Your single campaign can consist of many AdGroups. These AdGroups contain your ads, audience, and have unique optimization strategies.

Your optimization strategy is the goal that determines how we bid on ad space at the AdGroup level. Each AdGroup also has a target audience based on the behavior on your website or on uploaded CRM lists. Lastly, select both web and social ads to be used for each AdGroup.

A RollWorks Campaign can have single or multiple AdGroups. We recommend having both web and social ads in each AdGroup, but you can choose how you want to format each AdGroup. One limitation is that an AdGroup can't consist of both dynamic and static ads. 

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