Sales Automation: Team Overview

How do I add Reps to Sales Automation?

To add your first sales rep to Sales Automation:

  • Login to RollWorks
  • Go to 'Sales Automation' > 'Settings' and click the 'Team' tab
  • Click 'Add Sales Rep'


From here, enter the first name, last name, job title, time zone, email address, the signature of the sales rep, the max number of new contacts per day, and the days of the week you'd like the emails to be sent.


Timezone: We require the sales rep's time zone to ensure that RollWorks is sending emails to your contacts during appropriate working hours. 

Signature: You can easily copy and paste a reps email signature into the HTML Signature box. Here is an article that can walk you through how to locate your email signature from within your email settings and paste it into your RollWorks account. 

  • Pro-tip: If your website is hyperlinked in your signature, make sure it has been hyperlinked using https instead of http, if possible. Http stands for HyperText Transport Protocol and the 's' stands for Secure. By adding the 's' to the http you are reducing the chance of your email ending up in your contacts spam folders. If your website doesn't support https, you should check with your technical team. Here is an article with more tips on how to improve your email deliverability. 

Max # of New Contacts Per Day: Max contacts per/day corresponds to the maximum number of new contacts RollWorks will engage on behalf of a given rep per day. This does not include follow-up emails. We suggest about 100 new contacts per day if this rep is working full-time on outbound sales. You can adjust the new contacts per day at any time. 

Note: Anything above 300 new emails per day will need to be adjusted by your Customer Success Manager- don't hesitate to reach out!

Rep's Working Days: Emails will only be sent on behalf of a rep during their selected working days. We strongly recommend only selecting days that match your rep's actual working days since a contact's conversion increases when your reps are able to respond to contacts quickly.


How do I edit a Sales Automation Sales Rep?

Once you’ve added at least one rep, you’ll be able to edit and manage your Reps from your 'Team' tab at any time by clicking "Action" next to a specific rep's name. 


If you edit a sales rep’s profile, moving forward, this adjustment will be applied. For example, if you update the signature of a sales rep, any emails (including follow-up emails) that use the rep's signature merge tag moving forward will display the updated signature. 

Note: first name, last name, and email address can not be adjusted once you save their profile. If you need to adjust this information, you will need to add a new sales rep with the correct information and delete the old sales rep. 

If you'd like to stop all new and follow-up emails from being sent on behalf of a particular sales rep, simply toggle the sales rep from on to off. When a sales rep is unpaused, the follow-up emails from existing sequences will resume.


How do I delete a Sales Automation Sales Rep?

A sales rep can only be deleted if no leads are assigned to them. If you do have leads assigned to a particular rep, you will need to transfer these leads to another sales rep. Check this article on how to assign leads from one sales rep to another. 

Once all the leads have been re-assigned, click the action drop-down arrow on the right-hand side and push delete. 

Delete sales reps with caution! If you delete a sales rep, no new emails will be sent on their behalf and all contacts mid-email sequence will be stopped. Note that you can transfer leads to another rep at any time. 



How many reps can you have at one time?  

The number of reps that can be added to your RollWorks account will depend on what was agreed upon in your RollWorks contract. 

For these details, refer to your contract, under ‘Sales Automation Seats’ or contact your Customer Success Manager.


Why does the sales rep I just added have a red 'x' symbol to the right of their name?

In order for RollWorks to send emails on behalf of a sales rep, their work email address needs to be verified. When a new sales rep is added to your RollWorks account, they will be sent an email from the RollWorks Support team to verify their work email address. Once the sales rep has verified their work email address the red 'x' will turn into a green '✓' symbol indicating that emails can now be sent on behalf of that sales rep. 



How do I let my reps complete their existing sequences but not send out any new emails?

If you reduce the max # of new contacts per day of a particular sales rep to 0, this will allow follow-up emails to be sent out but will stop any new emails from being sent. You can reduce max # of new contacts per day from the sales reps profile under the email signature field. 


How do I switch Sales Reps mid-sequence?

If mid-way through a sequence you need to switch reps you can do so from the 'Your Contacts' tab. Click here for detailed instructions about switching contacts from one rep to another. 


Will my sales reps be given login credentials?

No, You will need to create a RollWorks user account for your Rep in order for them to be able to log in. 



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