Sales Automation: Contact Status Definitions

What is a Contact Status?

Once you have redeemed contacts by going to 'Find Contacts' and completing an audience search, they will be added to the 'Your Contacts' tab and assigned a status.

Your contacts' status will dynamically change as a contact gets set up to receive their first email in your sequence until they either respond or they reach the end of your email sequence. 

When a contact responds to one of your emails, our system analyzes the response and automatically assigns the appropriate contact status. For example:

  • If a contact responds and they would like more information, our system will automatically mark this contact as Stopped - Positive Reply.
  • If a contact responds it will move into a Stopped status and no further emails will be sent to that particular contact.
  • If a contact positively responds to an email all other contacts you are engaging from that same company will move to Stopped - Company Engaged. If you'd like to continue engaging the other contacts at the company, you can adjust this rule from your Rules section in your Sales Automation tab.

Sales Automation Contact Status Definitions

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