Sales Automation: Find Accounts Guide

When locating contacts, you can start by running an audience search that contains both contact and company filters, or you can start by generating a list of companies. This article will walk you through how to generate a list of companies using company-specific audience search filters. Once you have generated a list of companies- you can then use this list to locate specific contacts at those companies. 


Step 1: 

  • Sign in to your RollWorks account, go to Sales Automation > Contact Data
  • Click 'Find Accounts' 


Step 2: 

  • Click on New Account List.
  • Add a name to your account list.
  • Add audience search filters. 


Step 3: Review your generated companies and save the ones you like to engage to your list. 



Step 4: Once you have a list of saved companies, you can create a new audience search and use this list to find specific contacts at these companies. 

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