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What is a Sales Automation Audience?

An audience is a group of Sales Automation Contacts that match the ideal customer profile that you’d like to target. You can create as many targeted audiences as you'd like. We suggest creating multiple small and targeted audiences so that you can send customized sequences to each. 

When locating contacts, you can start by running an audience search that contains both contact and company filters, or you can start by generating a specific list of companies. 


How do I create a new Sales Automation Audience?

  • Login to RollWorks and go to 'Sales Automation' > 'Contact Data' and select one of the options below:
      • Click the 'Find Contacts' tab to create an audience using contacts and Company filters.


  • Click 'New Audience'


  • Name your audience something specific to the search you intend on running. For example, Small to Medium Size Tech Companies in San Francisco

By default, RollWorks has set the maximum number of contacts you can generate per company to 3. To avoid overwhelming a particular company, we recommend contacting no more than 5 contacts from a single company, at once. 

You can also select whether you'd like to generate personal email addresses or only professional email addresses. An example of a personal email address would be an email address ending in,, or




Use the filters to begin building your ideal customer profile. 


To narrow your search you can add multiple pieces of search criteria within a filter. Once you’ve inserted one piece of search criteria, push enter to save the piece of criteria as a unique tag.


The ‘and’ feature will allow you to pair search data together. For example, if you’d like to target managers, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents in the sales, marketing, operations departments, instead of inserting all variations you can simply push the ‘+’ symbol and separate your search into two groups. By doing this, RollWorks will search through all job titles that contain these seniorities and departments. 

By default, each filter you add is going to be inserted as 'Include'. You can toggle this filter to 'Exclude' if there are particular job titles, locations, industries and technologies you do not want to include in your search. 

There are colored circles next to popular filter tags such as Job Title and Industry. The colors next to the tags you insert indicate the estimated reach of the resulting pool:

  • Green: This tag is very common and is likely to return a large number of results
  • Yellow: This tag is common
  • Red: This tag is not as common and may not return a large number of results

After you’ve added your audience filters you will need to determine how many contacts you'd like to generate and which sales rep/reps you'd like to assign these leads to.

Note: You are able to generate and preview up to 5,000 leads each time you click "Search" 

If you select more than one sales rep for your audience, the leads will be distributed evenly amongst the reps, on an account basis. 

For example, once one of your reps is assigned to a contact at company A, moving forward, any contacts generated from company A will be assigned to that rep to avoid multiple reps engaging the same company.

You can view the contacts that matched your search and reject contacts you do not want to engage. To reject a contact push the ‘Reject’ button on the right-hand side and select whether you’d like this contact/company removed from this specific audience search or have the contact/ company removed from all future searches. 

You can also click the ☐ in the left-hand corner, go through your list and only select the contacts you'd like to redeem at this time. 


If you need to switch the sales rep the contacts are assigned to or add another sales rep to your search, you'll need to clear the results, select the appropriate sales reps and then push search again. 

If you need to edit the name of your contact or the company's name you can do so by clicking "View" and then "Edit" in the upper right-hand corner. It will update your contact's profile in your account instantly. 


Your search results will be visible for 48 hours. If you would like to extend the amount of time these contacts are visible you can select the Extend Time option. 


Each contact you redeem is worth one credit. If at any time you’d like to increase your credits, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or go to your Identity Overview section and push 'Request More' in the credits box. 

Once you are happy with the list of contacts you've generated, push 'Get xxx Leads' at the bottom of your search results to confirm your request. You can either assign your requested contacts to a sequence at the time of redemption or you can transfer them to an email sequence at a later time. 


Pro-tip: If you assign your contacts to a sequence that is turned on between the hours you've specified in your Sales Automation tab, emails will be scheduled and might start sending out right away, as long as your Reps' daily quotas haven't already been met. If you assign the contacts to a sequence that is turned on outside of these hours emails will be scheduled to send out the next working day. 


Note: When a contact gets uploaded or redeemed it throughs a very strict verification process. If a contact does not pass that verification process they will stay in a Pending state while we try to get the contact's updated information before removing the contact and crediting your account back.

We’re trying to enrich that data and find that up to date information. If after a day of being in Pending we are still not able to locate an email address, the contact is removed from your account and the credit is added back. 

Once confirmed, redeeming a contact list can’t be reversed.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Sales Automation Account List?
Searching for a Sales Automation Account Lists allows you to search specifically for companies that match your criteria. These searches will not return contacts but rather lists of companies. These company lists can then be saved and used in an audience search to find contacts with specific job titles from these companies. 


What does the Search for similar job titles in addition to the exact matches box refer to?
By default, the Search for similar job titles in addition to the exact matches box is checked. This means that you are running a broad audience search. If you'd like to make your search more specific, you can unselect this box. This will change your audience search from a broad match to an exact match. 


How long will it take to retrieve my audience?
The audience search time will vary depending on your audience filters. Niche search requests may take longer than broad searches. Searches typically take between one and five minutes. 


What if my search sends back contacts that do not fit my audience filter?
One of our goals here at RollWorks is to ensure your contacts accurately match your audience filters. Please report any discrepancy you experience to your Customer Success Manager or


What does estimated reach mean?
Estimated reach is the number of contacts in our database that can satisfy your search criteria. This estimation also takes into account: the number of contacts you’d like to generate per company, the sales reps you’ve selected (& which accounts they can engage), the number of contacts you’ve already redeemed from this pool, and contacts you have previously blacklisted.


Can I use next month's credits this month?
If you've paid upfront, you will have access to all your credits. 

If you have decided to pay monthly, your credits will load to your account every month. To increase your credits for the current month, you will have to purchase additional credits. 


If I do not use all my credits this month, will they carry over to next month?
Yes, any unused credits will carry over. 


How do I know what to use as my industry tags?
We recommend inserting a company that you'd like to engage in LinkedIn and see how they've tagged themselves. For example, if you search up PandaDoc on LinkedIn they've tagged themselves as Computer Software. 


Can I clone an existing audience search?
Yes, you can easily clone an audience search by going to the main Find Contacts page, clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the audience search you'd like to clone, and selecting clone. 

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