Launch Your First Ad Campaign

Before you launch, make sure your RollWorks Pixel is active. You can find your pixel on your RollWorks home page after you set up a campaign.

Define your campaign goal

1. Sales: Choose this goal if you are selling a product on your website.
2. Leads: Choose this goal if you gather emails from potential customers to follow up with to complete a sale.

Enter your conversion URL

This lets us track how many people completed a sale or generated a lead. Instead of entering a full URL, you can add a section of the URL and attach Wildcards to capture many URLs (e.g. if your conversion URL has a unique order ID for each sale and you want to capture all of them).

Connect to Facebook and Google Analytics

1. Connect to Facebook by logging into the Facebook account you use to manage your business.
2. Connect to Google Analytics by logging into the Google account connected to your Analytics account. We’ll use this data to pull in conversion data and site traffic so that we can recommend the right budget for you.

Review your Plan

Set your budget, KPI and dates that you want your ads to run.

Upload or Request Ads

You can upload ads from your computer, or you can request ads made by our design team. If you request ads, we'll add them to your campaign within three business days.


Enter a credit card or link PayPal to launch your campaign.


Click launch! Your campaign will begin serving once your ads are approved and your pixel is placed. 

Note: Make sure your RollWorks Pixel is placed in order for your ads to run.

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