Setting Up Contact Data and Sales Automation (for Admins)

This guide was created to help you familiarize yourself with your RollWorks account and ensure a smooth onboarding process. Follow the hyperlinks throughout this article for additional information on specific tabs and features.

How to Log In to RollWorks

Sign into your RollWorks portal here. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials or need to be provided login credentials, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you need to reset your password, you can utilize the Forgot Password option on the sign in page. 


Platform Overview

The RollWorks user interface is broken out into 3 main sections:







Each tab will then be broken out by Marketing and Sales.

Within both the Identify and Engage tabs, you will see Contact Data and Sales Automation. From here, you’ll be able to view which onboarding steps need to be completed, the status of your team members and sequences, and an overview of your engagement data.

Identify: Data Settings

Create your team

Create your team by adding sales reps to your Team tab. You will have the flexibility to add, remove and edit your sales reps at any time.

You will need to fill out your sales reps first name, last name, email address, time zone, job title, signature, the number of new contacts to engage per day and which days of the week you'd like emails to be sent out on behalf of this rep.


Once your sales rep's information has been saved, they will be sent an email to verify their email address. Your sales rep's email address needs to be verified before RollWorks can begin sending emails on their behalf. The rep's status will change to active and a green check mark will appear once your reps email address has been successfully verified.


Sync your CRM & Blacklist

Next, you are able to connect your CRM or upload a blacklist.  

Although syncing your CRM and/or uploading a blacklist is not mandatory before launching a sequence it is a great way ensure RollWorks does not duplicate your contact generation or outreach efforts.


Identify: Contact Data

Find Contacts

Begin building your audiences by navigating to Contact Data and Find Contacts. 

Add filters that match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), select the number of contacts that you'd like to generate, and assign these contacts to a sales rep or reps.


Once you click Search, our platform will return a list of contacts that match your ICP.


You can view the contacts that matched your audience search and reject contacts you do not want to engage. To reject a contact, click the Reject button on the right-hand side and select whether you’d like this contact/company removed from this specific audience search or have the contact/company removed from all future searches.


Once you are happy with the list of contacts you've generated, click Get xxx Contacts at the bottom of your search results to confirm your request. You can either assign the contacts to a sequence at the time of redemption or assign them at a later time.


Your Contacts

Once you've redeemed contacts your Your contacts table will populate with your contact data. This data includes:

  • Contact Name, Job Title and Company Name
  • Contact Status
  • Audience that contact belongs to
  • Sequence that contact was assigned to
  • Sales rep that is engaging that contact


Below is a list of contact statuses and a brief description of what they mean.


Engage: Automation Settings

Connecting to SendGrid

RollWorks requires to you either create a SendGrid account or connect an existing SendGrid account to begin sending emails on behalf of your company. Through this process you’ll need to verify your ownership of your domain and grant us permission.

Easily connect your domain by adding the TXT and CNAME files from the bottom of your Verify Domain section to your domain registrar (ex. GoDaddy, Name Cheap, Cloud Flare). This will ensure that emails are successfully delivered to your contact's inboxes. Your domain is successfully verified when the status column is all green checkmarks.

Depending on your domain registrar, the instructions for how to add the TXT files will differ slightly. Click here for a list of registrars with helpful links on how to add TXT and CNAME files to your domain.


Engage: Sales Automation


A sequence is a series of emails created for a specific project or audience.

You are able to either connect existing email templates you've created on RollWorks to your sequence or create new email templates straight from the sequence section.

Between each email, a Smart Pause will be added. Rollworks dynamically adjusts the time between emails based on contact engagement to optimize each campaign. The average Smart Pause is between 2 and 10 days.


To begin sending emails from a sequence you'll need to ensure:  

  1. Your company domain has been verified 
  2. Your reps email has been verified
  3. You've created an audience and redeemed contacts
  4. Your sequence has been turned on and contacts have been assigned to it

Email Templates

As mentioned above, you can also create email templates directly from your templates section.

Your Templates tab will act as a library and house all of your templates. 

Note: you are only able to edit or delete a template from your templates tab, not from your sequence tab.


Engage: Tasks

Tasks indicate when a manual sequence step is due. Tasks help you and your team stay on track - engaging with the right contacts, in the right way, at the right time.

Tasks include: 

  1. Manual email tasks
  2. Phone call tasks
  3. LinkedIn outreach tasks
  4. Custom tasks

To learn more about tasks, click here.


Have questions, comments, concerns?  Need help verifying your domain? Need help generating your first audience? Thought of any product feedback? Or just want to tell us how much you are loving the platform? Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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