In Market Account Credits

In Market Account Definition

An In Market Account is defined as an account that has at least one page view or has demonstrated High or Very High Intent in at least one Bombora Company Surge Intent Topic or RollWorks Intent Keyword in the last 90 days.

Once an account is found to be “In Market,” that account is considered to be “In Market” for the next 90 days. 

For example the Account Acme Corporation had the following activity:

  • Day 1: 1 page view
  • Day 10: High Intent in Keyword KW1
  • Day 93: High Intent in Topic T1
  • Day 101: High Intent in Topic T2

In the prior example, Acme Corporation will only count against your "In Market Account" credits on Day 1 and Day 93:

  • Acme Corporation will be considered to be an "In Market Account" from Days 1 to 90 and from Days 93 to 182. 
  • The signals found on day 10 or day 101 corroborate that the account is “In Market,” but do not refresh the 90 day window. 
  • An "In Market Account" credit is used on the first day of 90 days. Any corroborating signals found during these 90 days do not result in any additional credit usage.


Who can access

Your Package In Market Accounts
Standard Advertising Not Included
Advanced Advertising Included up to 100,000 IMA
ABM Included up to 100,000 IMA
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included up to 100,000 IMA
Free Tier Not included


In Market Accounts credits and usage

Additional In-Market Accounts can be purchased in increments of 100,000. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

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