Excluding specific website placements from your advertising

 Excluding specific placements is not recommended

Excluding too many websites or excluding a whole network from displaying your ads can severely restrict your reach and cause the campaigns to underspend or not spend at all.


Who can access

Access to advanced placement exclusions depends on your RollWorks package:

Your Package Advanced Placement Exclusions
Standard Advertising Included
Advanced Advertising Included
ABM  Not Available
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included
Starter (Legacy) Included
Standard (Legacy) Included
Professional (Legacy) Included
Ultimate (Legacy) Included
Free Tier Not available

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Website placement exclusions available

We can exclude specific websites or specific networks from displaying your ads. This is an advanced internal setting that will be applied to all your campaigns and playbooks and you will not be able to adjust on your own.


How to send a request to RollWorks

If you would like your ads to not appear on certain websites or partner networks please contact RollWorks Customer Support and provide the list of websites or networks you would like to exclude.

Please keep that we may recommend not applying certain exclusions if we foresee that your advertising performance will be severely impacted by the exclusions.


Why we don't recommend excluding specific ad placements

At RollWorks, we prioritize account-based marketing over specific ad placements to maximize your campaign's reach and effectiveness. By utilizing machine-learning targeting, we identify and target your key accounts and contacts across the web, ensuring visibility on a multitude of sites, from B2B to consumer platforms, and maintaining a brand-safe experience. This approach allows us to engage with your target audience wherever they are online - be it reading news, checking social media, or browsing blogs - rather than limiting your reach to the audiences of predetermined placements. This strategy is not only more efficient but also crucial for building pipeline and awareness with precision and targeted budgets, avoiding the waste associated with placement-first strategies that may miss your actual target audience.

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