Disconnect your Instagram Account from RollWorks

Integrating RollWorks with Instagram will create a connection between RollWorks and your Instagram account to advertise to your customers on Instagram through RollWorks campaigns. To learn more about how to connect your Instagram Account with RollWorks follow this Help Center guide.


Disconnecting Instagram

In case you need to disconnect your Instagram Account from RollWorks for good or if you wish to replace the currently connected account with a different one, you need to disconnect the currently connected account first.

To disconnect the Instagram Account from RollWorks please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Meta business manager Settings > Accounts > Ad Accounts
  2. Select the Ad Account you connected to AdRoll
  3. Under Partners, you should see AdRoll listed
  4. Click Remove AdRoll as a partner

To confirm if you successfully disconnected Instagram from RollWorks log in to RollWorks and navigate toSettings > Integrations > Facebook & Instagram. You should see the option to Connect Instagram Account enabled.

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