Onboarding: Prepare for your Strategy Setup

There are different types of use cases you can solve with ABM. We will list the most common ABM plays for you to get inspired when defining your own Strategy Setup in the next onboarding phase.

First, pick the stage of the Account Journey to focus on that aligns with your ultimate account-based and business goals. How do you plan on engaging those accounts, and contacts, and measuring progress and success?

These Account-Based Programs will give you an action plan on how to build brand awareness, increase content consumption, and move your accounts along the Account Journey through the Account Engagement funnel with RollWorks.

Air Cover and Nurture

The goal of this ABM play is to drive engagement from known and unknown contacts within target accounts and influence opportunity creation.

Pipeline Acceleration

The goal of this AMB play is to deliver relevant content to open opportunities’ key decision makers to accelerate your time to close rate.


The goal of this AMB play is to expand within current customer accounts by serving content that encourages product upsells and cross-sell, retention, and renewal.

More ABM Plays

Outside of these main use cases, check out the 10 ABM Playbook that outlines 10 Quick Plays for the Big Wins!  This playbook highlights over 10 quick wins, for a big impact that you can do right now. You'll gain knowledge of easy quick plays with examples of real businesses that have adopted them and made them work.

 Next Steps

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