Account Spike Data available in HubSpot

Enable the sync of Account Spike data to HubSpot

Keep in mind that integrating RollWorks with HubSpot will not automatically initiate the generation of Account Spike data. You must assign Sales Insights seats before RollWorks can start detecting Account Spikes for your HubSpot company records and starts writing Account Spike data to your HubSpot Company records.

To enable the sync of Account Spike data to your HubSpot instance you must complete the setup steps documented in this Sales Insights Initial Configuration Guide.

To learn more about the Sales Insights seat assignment conditions required for RollWorks to generate Account Spike data click here.


Who can access

Access to Syncing Account Spike data to your CRM depends on your RollWorks package:

Your Package Account Spike data synced to CRM
Standard Advertising Not included - Market Insights & Sales Insights Add On upgrade required
Advanced Advertising Not included - Sales Insights Add On upgrade required
Advanced Advertising with Sales Insights Included
ABM Included
ABM with Advanced Advertising Included
Starter (Legacy) Included
Standard (Legacy) Included
Professional (Legacy) Included
Ultimate (Legacy) Included
Free Tier Not included

To find your current subscription, log in to RollWorks and navigate to Settings > Billing > Plans & Usage.


Account Spike properties available in HubSpot

When an account spike is detected by our Account Spike data science model we will generate different data attributes (Spike Level, Last Spike Timestamp, and Last Spike Has Matched Contacts). We refer to these different data attributes as Account Spike data.

Account Spike data is then synced to HubSpot daily so that your sales team always has a fresh view of their top spiking accounts. We will write account spike data in your custom fields directly in your Company records.

Keep in mind that the Account Spike data attributes below are calculated on business days only (Monday to Friday).

Custom Company Properties Definition
Spike Level

✍️  Spike Level is the primary data point that should be utilized by your Sales team to prioritize accounts spiking in engagement.

We use machine learning to establish Account Spike thresholds as Low, Medium, or High. These Spike Levels are dynamic and responsive to the volume of organic site traffic for your site to ensure that when accounts are flagged as Low, Medium, or High for spike activity, it is compared to your own organic website engagement.
Last Spike Timestamp

✍️ You should always use 'Last Spike Timestamp' in combination with Spike Level to prioritize Accounts with recent spikes.

Shows the last time an account spiked in engagement.

Last Spike has Matched Contacts  This is a true/false boolean field that indicates if we were able to match the engagement Spike for this Account to any of your existing CRM contacts at the moment the Spike happened. Learn more about how matched contacts work here.
Spike Reason This field refers to the engagement actions that occurred leading to the account spiking. For example # of ad clicks, # of unique visitors, # of conversion page views.




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