Onboarding: Partner Integrations

Use the tools you already have and love to extend the capabilities of the RollWorks Account-Based Platform: G2, LinkedIn, Drift, Outreach, Crossbeam, and many more!

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☑️ Integrate your Marketing and tech stack to RollWorks for cross-channel campaigns and marketing orchestration. Each of our partner integrations unlocks different ways to use RollWorks data to power your marketing and sales automation orchestration.

Go to this page to view a full list of MarTech software solutions RollWorks can integrate with to power your account-based program beyond advertising:

RollWorks' Partner Integrations


 Next Steps

Continue with your next onboarding phase: Prepare for your Strategy Setup

  • Customize Journey Stages aligning them to your buying journey to track how accounts progress.
  • Build and segment your account lists into account groups and identify which accounts are demonstrating intent and engagement, and which accounts are a good fit for your company.
  • Leverage our data and insights and platform functionalities to drive your business goals.


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