Onboarding: Launch your RollWorks advertising ABM program

1. Launch your first advertising Playbooks

Playbooks are a pre-packaged sequence of advertising campaigns to deliver ads to your target audiences easily. We recommend that you start by launching the following Playbooks:

A Website Retargeting Playbook


What is it for? You will display web ads to users that have already visited your website, regardless if they are part of your Account Lists or not. These are typically users who are already aware of your brand and are closer to converting due to being middle or bottom of the funnel.

How many can you create? You can create as many Website Retargeting Playbooks as needed with Freemium.

An Account Targeting Playbook
What is it for? You will display web ads to specific buyer personas within your Account Lists. When you use an intent-based Account List or Account Group in combination with this Playbook you can display ads to accounts that have never been to your website but that are in-market because they are showing intent signals for your competitors or your product category.

How many can you create? You can create up to 3 Account Targeting Playbooks with Freemium.

Your tasks Feature unlocked Instructions

☑️ Launch a Web Retargeting Playbook.


☑️ Launch an Account Targeting Playbook.


☑️ Set up your payment method.

Measure the performance of your playbooks in the playbook Summary page and pipeline acceleration with the Account-based report.


Read this guide to learn how to launch a Web Retargeting Playbook.

Read this guide to learn how to launch an Account Targeting Playbook.

Don't forget to set up your payment method:

- Paying by Credit Card

- Paying with PayPal


2. Launch a LinkedIn campaign 

LinkedIn campaigns allow you to target accounts in your Account list on LinkedIn that match your buyer persona.

Your tasks Feature unlocked Instructions

☑️ Launch a LinkedIn campaign directly in RollWorks


☑️ Push Account Lists and Groups to your Linkedin campaign manager account.

Reach the same accounts you are targeting on the web with LinkedIn ads.

Measure the performance of your campaign.

Read this guide to learn more about launching LinkedIn campaigns directly from RollWorks.

Read this guide to push your Account Lists to your Linkedin account to run campaigns directly from LinkedIn.

Can’t decide which one is right for you? Read this guide to compare both options.


3. Launch a Contact Targeting campaign

Reach a known Contact Audience by serving ads across the web and social platforms with a specific end goal in mind, for example, brand awareness. Contact Targeting campaigns are great to use around events (trade shows, conferences, etc) or cross-sale/up-sale plays for your current customer list. 

Your task Feature unlocked Instructions

☑️ Create a Contact List in RollWorks.


☑️ Launch a Contact Targeting campaign.

Measure the performance of your campaign.

Read this guide to create your contact lists.

Read this guide to launch your first Contact Targeting campaign.


4. Launch a Facebook/Instagram campaign

Activate advertising on Facebook/Instagram. It is recommended that you only run campaigns with Facebook or Instagram if you know your audience is there.

Your tasks Feature unlocked Instructions

☑️ Launch a Facebook/Instagram Campaign.

Measure the performance of your campaign. Read this guide to launch a campaign.


5. Measure ABM performance and revenue impact

Now that you have launched your first advertising Playbooks or campaigns it's time to measure the performance of your campaigns using the following features:

Reporting feature



Journey Stages

Track the progression of the accounts in your Account Lists through their buying journey from unaware to deal closed won.

Journey Stages guide

Account-Based Advertising Report

Understand account-based metrics across all of your advertising campaigns such as accounts reached, accounts visited, accounts engaged, number of unique visitors, unique page views, and influenced opportunities.

Understand your Account-Based Advertising Report

Scheduled Reports

Revenue Impact Report

Playbook Performance Details

Understand account-based metrics such as accounts reached/visited/engaged, and the number of unique visitors/page views.

Measuring Playbook Performance

Campaign Performance Details

Understand efficiency media metrics such as CPM, CTR, and CPC.

Campaigns Summary Page Guide

Salesforce reports

Use out-of-the-box reports in Salesforce or customize your own.

Salesforce reporting guide

HubSpot reports


Create your own custom reports in HubSpot following these instructions.

HubSpot reporting guide


 Next Steps

Click here to continue with your next onboarding phase: Enable Sales Insights for your sales team to help them drive more opportunities. 


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