Onboarding: Technical Setup

In this guide we will walk you through the initial technical setup and fundamental items you must complete before you can launch your first ABM program.

1. Select a Cookie Consent Banner

 Legal Note

This is not legal advice, but rather guidelines based on the current regulatory activity in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK), Brazil (BR), and NextRoll’s services. The guidelines may change over time to reflect updated best practices. You should consult with your own counsel, privacy professionals, and/or internal resources to determine a comprehensive and appropriate cookie consent solution for your business and your marketing activities.

You must gather consent from EU, UK, and BR visitors with a Cookie Consent Banner if:

  • Your business is located in the EU, UK, or BR.
  • Your business is located outside of the EU, UK, or BR and at least one of the following applies to you: 
    • 10% or more of your website traffic is from EU, UK, or BR visitors.
    • You target EU, UK, or BR visitors in your campaigns.
    • You accept any EU, UK, or BR currency on your website.
    • You translate your website into languages spoken in the EU, UK, or BR.

We offer you 3 different cookie consent banner options. Using NextRoll's cookie consent banner which is the easiest and fastest way to deploy RollWorks. You can come back and change your selection later.


Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Choose a Cookie Consent banner option in RollWorks.

You can proceed to install the Pixel to track your website traffic after selecting your banner choice.

Read this guide, consult with your legal counsel, and make a cookie banner selection in RollWorks.


2. Track your website traffic with the Pixel

Installing the Pixel allows RollWorks to understand your website traffic and visitor behavior so that you can track high-value website audiences and conversion audiences in RollWorks, look at website analytics, and use these website activity insights on your target accounts.

  GTM Installation Recommended

Based on best practices and customer feedback we recommend installing the Pixel through GTM.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Install the Pixel on your website through Google Tag Manager (GTM)

☑️ Confirm the pixel loads on all your website pages.

RollWorks can start tracking your website traffic page views and how your visitors engage with your website.

You can start tracking conversion audiences.

You can push traffic to Google Analytics.

Send this guide to your website administrator to activate the Pixel via Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Use Pixel Assistant to confirm the Pixel is installed correctly and firing on all pages.


3. Integrate your CRM with RollWorks

Connecting your CRM to RollWorks allows you to use your own data to power your ABM strategy and to send RollWorks data back to your source of truth so that is available to your sales team through reports and the Sales Insights widget. 

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Complete the Salesforce integration.


☑️ Complete the HubSpot integration.

Create Account Lists and Contact Lists using your CRM data.

Send RollWorks data to your CRM.

Customize Journey Stages to measure the progression of your deals.

Give access to your Sales reps to Sales Insights.

Send the guides below to your CRM administrator to complete the initial CRM integration:

    • Salesforce Integration.

    • HubSpot Integration.


4. Track your lead forms as Conversion Audiences

Now that you have installed the Pixel, RollWorks will track all your website visitors. In this next step, you will define all your website's high-value pages (i.e. pricing page) and conversion audiences (visitors that submit a lead form-fill). Tracking all your conversion audiences is required to understand how effective your advertising and account-based programs are performing against your business goals.

Your task Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Fill out the conversion tracking sheet with all your lead form-fills so our technical team can assess the type of forms on your website to determine the implementation needed.

☑️ Depending on how your lead form-fill pages are structured, you may need to implement individual event-based pixels on your website to track your form-fill submissions. Our Solutions Engineers will provide implementation instructions.

Understand your website traffic broken down into different segments for your high-value pages and conversion pages.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking conversions (visitors that submit a form-fill).

Exclude conversions (visitors that submitted a form-fill) from specific campaigns.

• Fill out the conversion tracking sheet with your conversion pages/types sent by your Onboarding Success Manager.

Read this guide to learn what Conversion Audiences are (form fill submissions) and how to track them in the RollWorks platform.

Go to this page to view the different ways you can track a conversion audience. The most common you will use are URL Audiences and Event Audiences.


5. Connect your MAP to RollWorks

Connecting your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) to RollWorks allows you to use your own data to power your ABM strategy and to have a centralized view of all marketing activities in RollWorks.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Complete the integration of Marketo OR

☑️ Complete the integration of Eloqua OR

☑️ Complete the integration of Pardot

View MAP activities directly in RollWorks Journey Events for a centralized view of all marketing activities at an account level.

Bring over your MAP contacts to RollWorks.

Follow the steps below based on your MAP:

    • Marketo Integration.

    Eloqua Integration.

    • Pardot Integration.

If you use HubSpot as your MAP

If you use HubSpot as your MAP no additional action is required if you already completed Step 3 in this article.


6. Privacy and Security checklist

As you prepare to launch your first ABM program with RollWorks, you want to make sure that all privacy and data security compliance is in order. It is essential that you are following the website and Privacy Notice requirements, GDPR requirements & CPRA for California.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Your website meets our advertising guidelines.

☑️ Your website has a Privacy Notice.

   •  Your website can be used as a landing page for your ads.

   •  Your campaigns can launch without delays caused by not meeting our Policy guidelines.

Read the guide below to ensure you are compliant:

Website requirements.

Privacy Notice Requirements.

California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA).

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & ePrivacy Directive.


7. Enable the Site Traffic Revelear

Now that the Pixel has been installed and RollWorks is tracking your website visitors you can start sending account firmographic data such as Company Domain, Name, Industry, Revenue, and Size to Google Analytics or your own data warehouse. 

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Contact your Website analytics administrator to choose one method to send Site Traffic Revealer company attributes:

Send to GA4 with GTM [RECOMMENDED]

Send to GA directly.

Send to GA with GTM.

Send to GA directly.

☑️ Set up custom dimensions in GA and follow the installation guide.

Understand the company firmographic attributes that make up your site traffic.

Import real-time visitor company attributes to Google Analytics or to your own data warehouse.

Display personalized landing pages to your website visitors based on their company attributes.

Personalize conversational chatbots based on their company attributes.

Send this guide to your Website Analytics administrator. They will decide their preferred method to send data to GA or your own Data Warehouse.

Read this guide to understand how to take full advantage of the company attributes uncovered by the Site Traffic Revealer.



 Next Steps

Continue with your next onboarding step: Enable Sales Insights for your Sales Team.


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