Onboarding: Technical Setup

In this guide we will walk you through the initial technical setup you must complete before you can launch your first advertising program. 


Once you complete the 6 steps documented in this guide continue to:


1. Choose a Cookie Consent Banner 

To comply with EU, UK, and Brazil law you must gather consent on your website before tracking any visitors from these locations. 

We offer you 3 different cookie consent banner options. We strongly recommend that you choose NextRoll's banner which is the easiest and fastest way to deploy RollWorks.


Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Choose a Cookie Consent banner option in RollWorks

You can proceed to install the Pixel to track your website traffic after selecting your banner choice. Read this guide and make your selection in RollWorks.


2. Track your website traffic with the Pixel

Activating the Pixel as soon as possible is crucial so that RollWorks can start tracking your website traffic and gathering data about how your visitors engage with your site. You may need to contact your website administrator to complete this step.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Install the Pixel


☑️ Confirm the pixel loads on all your website pages

RollWorks starts tracking your website traffic page views and how your visitors engage with your website.

Send this guide to your website administrator to activate the Pixel.

Use Pixel Assistant to confirm it's installed correctly.


3. Connect your CRM to RollWorks

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Complete the Salesforce integration.


☑️ Complete the HubSpot integration.

- Create Account and Contact Lists using your CRM data.

- Send RollWorks data to your CRM.

- Customize Journey Stages to measure the progression of your deals.

- Give access to your Sales reps to Sales Insights.

Share the guides below with your CRM administrator to connect them to RollWorks:

- Salesforce Integration: Initial configuration guide

- HubSpot Integration: Initial configuration guide 


4. Track and segment your Website Audiences

Track visitors that view your high-value pages and those who complete a conversion form fill. This is a critical step that you can’t miss.

You must create one Conversion Audience for each form-fill on your website, otherwise, you will not be able to measure your campaign results effectively. 

Your task Feature unlocked Instructions

☑️ Create a Conversion Audience for each existing form-fill on your website.


☑️ Create a website Audience for each high-value page on your website.

Understand your website traffic broken down into different segments.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking form-fill conversions.

Exclude converted visitors from specific campaigns.

Read this guide to learn how to create Conversion Audiences and high-value page Website Audiences.


5. Connect your Marketing Automation Platform to RollWorks

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Complete the integration of Marketo.


☑️ Complete the integration of Eloqua.


☑️ Complete the integration of Pardot.

- Use Journey Events to view activities from your MAP directly in RollWorks for a centralized source of information for an account. 

- Bring over your MAP contacts to RollWorks.

Follow the steps in the guides below to connect your MAP to RollWorks:

- Marketo Integration: Initial configuration guide

- Oracle Eloqua Integration: Initial configuration guide

- Pardot Integration: Initial configuration guide


6. Privacy and security checklist

As you prepare to launch your first ABM program with RollWorks, you want to make sure that all privacy and data security compliance is in order. It is essential that you are following the website and Privacy Notice requirements, GDPR requirements & CPRA for California.

Your tasks Features unlocked Instructions

☑️ Your website meets our advertising guidelines.

☑️ Your website has a Privacy Notice.

Your website can be used as a landing page for your ads. Below we have guides and key information you can use to ensure you are compliant. 


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